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Black Shark BS-T1 Bluetooth headset out of the box evaluation: ultra-affordable Bluetooth headset for gaming-Qooah

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Black Shark announced earlier to open up the gaming device market, launching the new BS-T1 TWS gaming headset and wireless dual-mode RGB gaming mouse. The Black Shark wireless dual-mode RGB gaming mouse can switch between wired and wireless modes depending on different situations. There is no need to worry about the environmental space affecting the mouse performance. The BS-T1 TWS gaming headset focuses on the performance of the game, in order to provide players with more personal sound effects, more efficient connections, and improve the enjoyment of players in the game, mobile phone or computer It can be used, and the price is less than 300 yuan, which is quite cheap. What is the actual experience?


Take a look at the accessories that came out of the box:

USB Type-C data cable
S Size and L Size replacement ear gel
Black Shark BS-T1 earphone and charging box

Body details

The Black Shark BS-T1 has only a black body, and the charging box has a size of 60.0 x 45 x 30mm and provides 400mAh power.

The charging box and headset will light up when it is turned on, and when the green light flashes, it means that the battery is low. With a translucent lid, you can see the light inside.

Use USB Type-C socket to charge.

Put the earphone into the charging box and it will charge automatically, and after taking out the earphone, it will automatically connect.

The earphone supports IPX4 waterproof, adopts an in-ear design, and has a large 10mm driver unit, which enhances the performance of high and low sounds, so that footsteps, gunshots, etc. in shooting games can be clearly heard and identified. It also uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology , To ensure a stable connection quality, and only have a delay of 55ms, which can provide real-time information in the game. The headset supports touch operation. Use your finger to press the Black Shark Logo position, click to play or pause music, answer or end the call, long press to switch music, reject the call, three-click to switch between music and game modes, without providing the volume adjustment function, and Only single microphone.

Each earphone has a 40mAh battery and is expected to be used continuously for 3.5 hours, and it can be used for about 35 hours with a charging box.

The earphones are worn firmly, not easy to fall off, and there is no discomfort.

Sound test

Connecting to Sony Xperia 5 III and listening to 320K “Jiang Yansheng-Three Characters” at 60% volume through “KKBox”, using music mode, the vocals are clear, the volume is moderate, the background sound effect is more prominent, and the vocals are slightly covered, and the sense of space is flat. The earphone has a general ability to block noise, and can only block a small part of the surrounding environmental sound.

Connect to Sony Xperia 5 III to watch 1,080p “LightYear|Teaser Trailer” at 60% volume through “YouTube”. The bass is heavy, the background sound is heavy and solid, and the stereo effect is good.

Connecting to Sony Xperia 5 III to play “Telling Time: Mobile”, using the game mode, there is no significant delay in the sound effects, and the sound and picture synchronization can be achieved. The environmental sounds in the game are distinct, gunshots and footsteps are clear, and the game experience is good.

Summary and evaluation

The Black Shark BS-T1 is priced at only HK$299. The price is quite cheap. The game experience is good, the connection is stable, the shape design is attractive, and the battery life is acceptable. However, the performance of music playback is mediocre, and no related apps are provided for users to adjust the headset. The sound effect does not provide noise reduction function, and the function is less.

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