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Black skirt Japanese debut… Everything Japanese version released

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Singer-songwriter Black Skirt makes her official debut in Japan.

The Japanese version of Black Skirt’s representative song ‘EVERYTHING’ was released in Japan on the 30th, partner Bespoke and Bside, in charge of Japanese management, said.

‘Everything’ is a song from the 3rd album ‘Team Baby’ released in 2017.

It is reported that the black skirt showed a strong will to debut in Japan this time, so that the Japanese version was recorded by requesting a translation.

Black Skirt said, “I often make songs in English other than Korean, but it’s the first time I’ve worked and sang in Japanese. I’d like to give it to you.”

The music video produced by ‘PERIMETRON’, the most notable video production team in Japan, was also released.

Perimetron is a creative team led by Daiki Tsuneta of the Japanese band King Gnu.

He has worked on music videos for famous artists such as King Nu and Millennium Parade, Mr. Children, and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ animation OST (original soundtrack) music video.

Black Skirt received attention in the indie music scene with their debut album ‘201’ in 2008.

So far, they have released a total of 4 full albums and 1 EP (mini album).

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