Black Thursday’s top market cap… Foreigners byBye Korea

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In Korea’s two largest stock markets, the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets, stocks with the highest market caps showed a massive decline, welcoming ‘Black Thursday’. The fact that foreign investors sold a total of more than 1.5 trillion won in the domestic stock market is having a negative impact.

Samsung Electronics in the stock market as of 11:05 am on the 27th(72,000 -1.77%)is trading at 72,200 won, down 1,100 won (1.50%) from the previous trading day. LG Energy Solutions, which entered the market, is also trading at 470,000 won, down 127,000 won (21.27%) from the initial price.

In addition, SK hynix(113,000 -3.83%)(-3.40%), Samsung Electronics Woo (-1.20%), NAVER(306,000 -2.24%)(-0.80%), Samsung Biologics(720,000 -4.89%)(-4.76%), LG Chem(606,000 -8.73%)(-5.87%), Samsung SDI(601,000 -5.06%)(-4.74%), Hyundai(187,000 -1.58%)(-1.32%), cacao(83,500 -3.91%)(-3.34%) is falling.

Last night, the US central bank (Fed) hinted at a rate hike in March, dampening investor sentiment.

In a monetary policy statement after the first regular meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) in January this year, held for two days on the 25th and 26th (local time), the Fed said, is appropriate,” he said. It is evaluated that it is a known fact that the FOMC will raise the rate in March. This is the first impression since December 2018.

In the current securities market, institutions alone are buying 1.736 trillion won, while individuals and foreigners are selling 426.4 billion won and 1.27 trillion won, respectively.

Stocks with the highest market caps on the KOSDAQ market are also falling all at once. Celltrion Healthcare, the leader of the KOSDAQ market(61,000 -3.79%)is trading at 61,000 won, down 2400 won (3.79%) from the previous trading day.

In addition, EcoPro BM(331,300 +0.85%)(-2.04%), Pearl Abyss(93,400 -5.66%)(-5.45%), L&F(174,200 -8.60%)(12.38%), Kakao Games(66,400 -5.82%)(-5.11%), Wemade(127,400 -4.50%)(-5.92%), HLB (-3.21%), Celltrion Pharmaceuticals(80,900 -4.03%)(-3.80%), Seegene(53,300 -4.99%)(-4.10%) Reno Industries(181,000 -0.06%)(-1.33%) is falling.

In the KOSDAQ market, foreigners alone are net selling 267.1 billion won, while individuals and institutions are net buying 261.3 billion won and 3.2 billion won, respectively.

Jiyoung Han Kiwoom Securities(88,600 -2.21%) The researcher said, “The domestic stock market will be affected by negative news from the United States and will be under bearish pressure.” “As LG Energy Solutions goes public, the supply-demand volatility of the relevant stock, rechargeable battery-related stocks and stocks with high market capitalization will increase.”

Ryu Eun-hyuk, staff reporter at [email protected]



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