BLACK WEEKEND ON DOMESTIC ROADS: As many as seven people died in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The black weekend claimed seven lives on the roads

A new tragedy in which two young men died extended the black series of traffic accidents that hit BiH this weekend.

From Friday until today, seven people died on the roads, writes

Three workers from Jajce Senad Poško, Elvir Čagalj and Selvedin Crnac they were killed, while four of their colleagues were injured, in Crna Rijeka near Mrkonjić Grad, when, after the collision, they landed in the Vrbas river with the “Mitsubishi”.

He died in the landing of the BMW on Manjača Bojan Babića father of three children, who came to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Switzerland on vacation.

He was killed in a collision between two vehicles in Koprivna near Cazin yesterday Mehmed Ljubijankic, while two people were injured.

In a terrible traffic accident in Laminci near Gradiška killed on DL (20) and NB (26) from that city, it was announced from PU Gradiška.

Traces, more than 100 meters long, were left at the scene, indicating that the driver lost control of the vehicle in a curve. He did not manage to keep the car on the road, they landed in the canal and drove through it for at least 50 meters before hitting a concrete culvert,” says the source of the UNA portal.

He adds that the young men were stuck in the vehicle after the impact. Several locals immediately came to their aid, but unfortunately they could not do anything to save them. Both died on the spot, and the bodies were pulled out of the vehicle by firefighters who had to cut the sheet metal.


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