Blackberry Smoke Debates Allman Brothers & Rolling Stones Covers In Atlanta

Blackberry Smoke Debates Allman Brothers & Rolling Stones Covers In Atlanta

Blackberry Smoke added their 2019 Brothers and Sisters Holiday concerts at the Tabernacle store in Atlanta on Saturday night. The crowds with the hometown crowd were treated with a few options covering the weekend, including tunes from The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers Band and more.

On Friday night, after opening it with “Shake Your Magnolia” and a litany of original origin, Charlie Starr, the first man, succeeded in “Keeping Me” Keep Me Wonderin '' from the 1970 album of the legendary band Idlewild South about halfway through the series. After “Too High” and “You didn't get Blues,” BBS paid tribute to other colleagues from the Atlanta South Georgia Satellites with “Battleship Chains.” After the series was closed with “Like The Arrow,” the Blackberry Smoke redo. a step for encore three songs including Elton John's “Down Down the Mission” before Friday night was concluded with “Not Left Go For Me.” t

BBS kicked off the night two nights with his “Meiar Dead Mens”. The band would come into cover about three-quarters of the way through its surroundings with Tom You, “You Got Lucky.” “Lay it All On Me,” BBS paid tribute to more southern rock legends with “Whiskey Rock-”. a-Roller ”with Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as another staple to the south in“ Man Of Constant Sorrow. ”Blackberry Smoke closed the set with“ Keep Keep Ramblin ”. ”

“Flesh and Bone” started off the encore and afterwards “Happy.” The Rolling Stones began. Emigration on Main Street and Richards has a rare lead voice. Blackberry Smoke made original justice with a three piece horn rhyme and backup singers for the classic Exile cut. BBS would return to “Much Left Of Me” to close its 2019 Election period. View “Happy” video and more James Croft accepted below:


Whiskey Rock-a-Roller

Fear Of Permanent sadness

Also, look at BBS's original “The Whippoorwill” and “Lord Strike Me Dead” through dragonlily70:

Lord Strike Me Dead

The Whippoorwill

Placement List

Blackberry Smoke at Tabernacle

  • Shake Your Magnolia
  • Six Way to Sunday
  • Workin for a Workman
  • Pay a Repayment
  • Good for Common One
  • Wish in One Hand
  • Best House Seat
  • Seven Lucky
  • I believe you
  • Sleeping dogs
  • Don't Keep Me Amazing
  • Too high
  • You don't have Blues
  • Battleship chains
  • Till the Wheels coming out
  • Up in the Smoke
  • Every person who investigates John's Mine
  • Horse town only
  • Like Arrow
  • All Out
  • Burn the Mission
  • I haven't left enough

Placement List

Blackberry Smoke at Tabernacle

  • Lord Strike Me Dead
  • Strengthened bean
  • Waiting for the Thunder
  • Me Help You (Find The Door) t
  • Rock and Roll Again
  • Crimson Moon
  • He Let Him
  • Medicate My Mind
  • Little Luas South
  • Lace Shakin 'With the Holy Spirit
  • Good for Common One
  • The Whippoorwill
  • What comes naturally
  • Free the Wing
  • You got lucky
  • It all lay on me
  • Whiskey Rock-a-Roller
  • Horse town only
  • Man of Continuous Persistence
  • I'll keep Ramblin & # 39;
  • Flesh and Bone
  • Happy
  • I haven't left enough

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