BLACKPINK BORN PINK concert review around the encore, more fun, more exciting, better organized

Even just watching the women’s concert GOD’S POINT It was only 4 months ago. But this round is more fun than the old round with lots of elements

BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] BANGKOK ENCORE Held on May 27-28, 2023, the encore round moved to Rajamangala Stadium, the place fans wanted to catch it from the start. Thus making the drama about the location disappear. (although the bathroom is the same But apparently started to understand that field toilets are commonly used to serve tens of thousands of people), including being familiar with travel. more space Accommodating more people than before There is space to sit and walk. food and drink And managing people to attend the event is faster than before.

The concert started 30 minutes late, not sure why, although Korean concerts usually play on time or even less than 5 minutes late (last time it was also half an hour late), but when the VTR video and 4 girls appeared on stage Then all doubts disappeared. Jisoo, Jenny, Rose, Lisa, beautiful, bright, ready to tie their hair up to fight the usual hot weather in Thailand. The first 5 are full, not allowing you to breathe, both “Sut Chi Fel Dyna”, “Pretty Savage”, “Chwistle” (half a song), “Don’t Know What To Do” and “Lovesick Girls “.

For the most part, the encore show is the original show with a few changes. Regarding the BORN PINK tour show, you can read reviews of previous concert reviews in the link below. In this review, I would like to talk about the things that are different from the last show only that can be clearly seen and felt.

this angkor round There was a slight setlist change during the second part of the show which included the song. “Kill This Love”, “Crazy Over You”, “Tally” a “pink poison” before the song “Account” used to be a song “Playing with Fire” before, this time it changed to “wait” which can be replaced in the proportion of slow songs that used to be one song, become two songs It is also considered that it is good to hear the women sing clearly and show their vocal skills more fully. But it’s a shame that the song was also deleted. (To be added rather than replaced)


which is very exciting to wait It is inevitable that Ji Soo’s solo song “flowers” For the first time playing live in Thailand, the fans are excited and Ji Super performs well, singing and dancing naturally, as expected. Jenny’s solo is still there “You and me” Same thing, but Rosé sings. “Has gone” instead of “hard to love” and Lisa sings MONEYfull hundred without “LALISA” during the singing “all quiet” Still cool as always

For us, the solo part is the highlight of the show where the lights and sounds are at their peak and we can see each other’s performances clearly. No one is lighter than anyone, everyone is doing their best. Play with your eyes and have a good mood. Dance clear, sing clear until it’s impressive. Battling the sweltering heat in Rajamangala very well

Come together in the second half which is close to the final round, the two songs “Shut Down”, “Typa Girl” which comes with the same steel frame, “DOU-DU DDU-DU” a “Forever Young” Have fun until you want to get up and dance. before really going into the final stage with the encore session this round has “BOOMBAYAH” It’s back after the last round without this song, and then “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, a remix version that we didn’t get stuck into. But if “Playing with Fire” is brought back, it might be better. and ends with the same song “Like If It’s Your Last” where all the fans waved their light sticks and danced and jumped to the limit Until we felt that the encore at the end of the episode became the moment the audience enjoys the most .


However Since Rajamangala is very big, I’m sure each zone will have a different atmosphere. Unfortunately, the author’s domain is full of amateur cell phone photographers in the form of fans who hold cell phones overhead to record clips throughout the concert. Including sitting and watching, being forbidden by the team to stand up and watch even one song until the encore period, causing some lack of enjoyment (Because the round on Saturday has fans Some groups in the zone on the 1st floor standing and watching on chairs) Being unclear throughout the show makes the author himself lack a lot of enjoyment. But despite that, I still feel the energy from the girls. And still more impressed with this concert than last time anyway Fireworks stage a very beautiful light and sound as usual and the dancers are as good as ever

Show details of each song Some parts have been updated and added more interesting details such as the Coachella show in April But in this song, we are still impressed with the facial expressions and dance moves of the girls as before .

The 4 girls are still in good spirits. Entertain people through the show well. Still not so good at talking, but getting better and better, respectively, not talking much, but not too embarrassed or shocked. Especially Lisa who helps to speak Thai very friendly. And the rest of the members also speak cute Thai for a short listen. You can feel that the girls are very happy And even if there were some problems during the show, like Rosé secretly coughing until she had to give the better to sing for a while but returned to singing as if nothing had happened handled the situation professionally


a shame It’s probably just viewers who aren’t sure how much they enjoy each other. until Lisa asked if it was fun and the voice that answered looked depressed Until Lisa made a pouty face. Then ask back if it wasn’t fun? Also, he said again why he wasn’t screaming at all. The reason is that most fans (as seen by the author from their own domain) tend to enjoy filming more clips. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s also covered or not, maybe I just don’t enjoy it that much. Including the light stick, although there is bluetooth, but when the actual show does not change the color to be beautiful according to the music rhythm throughout the hall, anything like that, but in the end, it still confirms the original word that the encore The show is fun Complete the first round With many elements, including set lists, new songs, new locations, new atmosphere and believe, no matter how many rounds of encore concerts BLACKPINK has , seats fully booked and fans Welcome you until it’s as packed as before, of course

BLACKPINK proved that once again definition of PINK WAS BORN What are the four girls who BIRTH to be blackPINK BORN to be the STARS BORN to be perfect PERFORMERS.