BLACKPINK Contract Renewal with YG Entertainment Still Under Discussion

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The future of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment is still being discussed and negotiated.

Recent reports suggest that three out of four members may not be renewing their contracts.

However, there is no official confirmation on this matter.

BLACKPINK’s World Tour and Contract Renewal

BLACKPINK recently concluded their world tour with a final concert in Seoul, South Korea.

After their 11-month tour, fans are eagerly waiting to hear whether the group will renew their contract with YG Entertainment.

While there are sources claiming that three members are not renewing their contracts, there is no official confirmation yet.

Sport Seoul, a South Korean media outlet, reported that YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK have been discussing the contract renewal.

Both parties are working to reach an agreement on the terms of the contract.

However, the details of the contract suggest that some members may continue to promote BLACKPINK’s activities for six months a year.

Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo are currently in the final stages of considering their contract renewal with YG Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Rose is the only member who has decided to renew her contract in full.

According to a YG representative, the negotiations for BLACKPINK’s contract renewal have not yet been finalized.

BLACKPINK’s Brand Value Index

BLACKPINK holds a high brand value index, securing the second position among the top three K-pop idol groups in South Korea.

According to the Korea Corporate Reputation Institute, BLACKPINK’s brand value index stands at 4,475,289 points, with a 6.39% increase from the previous month.

This ongoing success and popularity make YG Entertainment keen on retaining the group, despite the contract negotiations.

BLACKPINK’s Concert Sales and YG Entertainment

The massive success of BLACKPINK’s world tour, GENI PINK, contributes to YG Entertainment’s desire to continue their partnership with the group.

According to Touring Data, BLACKPINK earned a staggering $220.5 million (approximately 7,947 million baht) from their concerts.

This significant income showcases BLACKPINK’s immense earning potential and the value they bring to the label.

YG Entertainment, a major entertainment company in South Korea, has seen a decrease in its market value.

Currently valued at $900 million (approximately 32,436 million baht), the company’s market value dropped from $1,180 million in June 2023.

This decline may be attributed to the news surrounding the non-renewal of contracts, including senior artists like G-Dragon.

Overall, the future of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal remains uncertain, with ongoing negotiations and discussions taking place between the group and YG Entertainment.


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Key Points:

BLACKPINK fans all over the world are waiting for that. After finishing their 11 month world tour, will they announce their “contract renewal” with YG? Newsen, a famous media outlet in South Korea, reported that Negotiations to renew Blackpink’s four girls’ contracts with YG Entertainment are still being discussed and processed by all parties The Korea Corporate Reputation Institute reports that BlackPink has a brand value index of 4,475,289 points, which ranks 2nd among the top 3 ranks of K-.pop Group Idol

A few days ago, a world famous women’s group “Black Pink” He just finished the final world tour concert “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR BORN PINK FINAL IN SEOUL” held at Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea, while fans all over the world are waiting for him. After finishing their 11 month world tour, they will make an announcement. “Renew the contract” with the camp YG Or not?

It is said that 3 out of 4 members of BLACKPINK are not renewing their contracts, but some sources indicate that there is no confirmation yet.

This trend became even more fierce than before when Sport Seoul, a South Korean media outlet, reported that YG Entertainment and 4 women’s bands Blackpink We spoke to each other to discuss renewing the contract for the last time. Before reaching the same conclusion that the contract was made in “Separate camps but still united” in an ad hoc manner

The content of the contract states that the unaffiliated members of the group will continue to promote BlackPink’s activities for 6 months a year Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo are currently in the final stages of considering a contract with YG Entertainment. which was renewed this time. “Rose” They are the only member of the group who continue to “renew their full contract” with YG Entertainment.

Tra Newsen, another famous South Korean media, reported on September 21 that the negotiations BlackPink contract renewal of 4 girls with YG Entertainment That has not been finalized yet, according to a YG representative.

“There has been no confirmation regarding the renewal of Blackpink’s contract and negotiations are still ongoing.”

Opening BLACKPINK’s brand value index, which still has a high record and is in the Top 2.

Many fans probably agree that’s the reason YG did not want to let the four girls go easily even though they had worked as promised for 7 years. BlackPink Brand Value Index which still holds top statistics All the time in South Korea According to an analysis of data from the South Korea Business Research Institute or “Korea Corporate Reputation Institute” in September 2023, it was found that

BlackPink’s brand value index ranks second among the top 3 K-pop idol groups in South Korea, with the report as follows:

Number 1: NewJeans: The Brand Value Index is at 7,674,756 points, down 6.93% from last month’s figure. but still strong

BLACKPINK band second: Brand Value Index 4,475,289 points, popularity still outstanding Meanwhile, the index value increased 6.39% from last month.

Number 3 NMIXX: Brand Value Index 3,493,470 points, their popularity rose 6 places on the chart, increasing 111.26% compared to last month’s data.

BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR GENI PINK concert made huge sales worldwide.

Another important factor that makes YG want to continue his relationship with BLACKPINK is probably the issue “Income from BLACKPINK” The famous reputation of the 4 members of the band, which continues to generate a huge amount of money for the label.

especially the performanceworld tour concert Their 2022-2023 album has been reported by Touring Data (statistical information on artist tours around the world) that

BLACKPINK earned a total of 220.5 million US dollars from concerts, or about 7,947 million baht.

(Calculated from the exchange rate on 23 September.) Count of concerts performed 48 times out of a total of 66 times (latest income figures not yet reported)

While YG Entertainment is considered a company inEntertainment businessmajor South Korea It was founded in 1996. Currently, as of September 2023, YG Entertainment is reported to have a market value of 900 million dollars or approximately 32,436 million baht.

It decreased from June 2023 with a market value of about $1,180 million. This event may be a result of news trends.BLACKPINK Member Contracts Not Renewed Including not renewing the contracts of senior artists like G-Dragon which happened earlier.


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