BLACKPINK Jennie, chosen as the new model for ‘Chanel 22 Bag’… ‘Human Chanel that lights up Seoul’

BLACKPINK’s Jenny proved the ‘Human Chanel’ modifier once again with her role as a campaign model for Chanel’s new product.

On the 22nd, Chanel revealed that Jenny had recently been chosen as the new model for the ‘Chanel 22 bag’ and released an accompanying campaign photo.

Jennie’s ‘Chanel 22 Bag’ model selection is the fourth following Lily-Rose Depp, Margaret Qualley, Whitney Peak, etc.

The released illustration of Jenny depicts an original story line that reflects Ambassador Jenny’s taste and personality against the backdrop of Seoul, Korea.

Photo = Courtesy of Chanel

With a pink Chanel 22 mini bag in the background of a traditional Korean house with flowers in the background, Jennie shows off her elegant yet confident visual charm with a white fur-trimmed dress, as if showing the splendor of spring and her iconic charisma in the same time.

Jennie said, “Inez and Vinood call me ‘My Girl’. I feel comfortable because they see me as an ordinary girl, not as ‘Jenny’ in the spotlight. As a member of BLACKPINK , I go on stage and stand in front of the public, but I think this campaign shows what kind of person I am.”

“My first solo song came out when I was 22, and I started a new world tour with Blackpink in 2022. For me, 22 means a new beginning,” she said, revealing her fondness for the number 22.

Meanwhile, while Jennie’s ‘Chanel 22 Bag’ campaign photo was released on the 21st, it is scheduled to be released as a video on April 3rd.

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