BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mother Deletes Instagram Account Amid Controversy and Hate Comments

The mother of BLACKPINK’s Lisa has decided to delete her Instagram account following a barrage of negative comments targeted at her daughter’s recent performance in the “Crazy Horse Show.” It is believed that the incessant attacks from netizens became unbearable for her.

Fans were taken aback when they discovered that Lisa’s mother had abruptly deleted her account, which had amassed 700,000 followers. The reason behind this sudden action has left netizens speculating.


It appears that Lisa’s mother had been subjected to numerous hurtful comments, alongside other family members, in recent days. Some netizens believe that this ongoing hate campaign could be the primary motive for her sudden account deactivation. Alternatively, others suspect that the controversy surrounding Lisa’s performance in the “Crazy Horse” show in Paris could also be a contributing factor. Despite external arguments, Lisa’s mother had consistently shown unwavering support for her daughter and even attended her entire performance in Paris.

The deletion of Lisa’s mother’s Instagram account has saddened many fans who are now unable to catch a glimpse of Lisa’s private daily life.

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BLACKPINK Lisa’s mother deleted her IG account after the storm of comments caused by her daughter’s “Crazy Horse Show” performance. It is suspected that he could not suffer attacks from netizens.

Recently, some fans noticed that Lisa’s mother recently deleted her IG account with 700,000 followers without any warning.. This shocked netizens and they all speculated on the reason why Lisa’s mother deleted the account.


A large number of nasty comments have attacked Lisa’s mother and other members of the family in recent days. Some netizens pointed out that this ongoing hate campaign may be the main reason why Lisa’s mother suddenly deactivated her account. On the other hand, most fans speculate that the recent controversy surrounding Lisa’s performance in the “Crazy Horse” show in Paris could also be one of the reasons why she deleted her account. Lisa’s mother has always been a frontline supporter of her daughter. Although there were constant arguments from outside, she did not miss her daughter’s full performance in Paris.

Lisa’s mother deleted her IG account, which made many fans feel very sad because they could no longer see Lisa’s private daily life.

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