BLACKPINK Number 1 on daily Global spotify list for 6 days in a row jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News On September 23, according to Korean media reports, the popular girl group BLACKPINK topped spotify’s daily Global list for 6 consecutive days, and its popularity remained high.

BLACKPINK’s second full-length album title song ‘Shoot Down’ topped the Spotify Daily Top Song chart released on the 22nd (US local time) with 5,04,505 streams.

After the release of the song “Pink Venom” for the first time, K-pop artists won the No. 1 position for the first time for three consecutive days, and won the No. 1 position for six consecutive days. Based on this, BLACKPINK is expected to top the Spotify Global Weekly Chart for the first time (the No. 1 K-POP artist).

Not only that, in the group’s new album, “Pink Venom” (No. 2), “How You Like That” (No. 4), “Ice Cream” (No. 5), “Kill This Love” (No. 5) , “Lovesick Girls” (No. 6) and other greatest hits.

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