Blake Griffin is confident in Detroit Pistons after trades


Detroit Pistons joined the right spirit during a winning streak through a game, says Blake Griffin on Friday, February 8, 2019.
Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press

After making a few questions about the victory over the New York Knicks on Friday night, the topic fell to the news generated Detroit Pistons this week.

Blake Griffin's star reporter asked to start the front office with two players rotating towards two prospects and picking a second 2021 before the NBA Thursday trading deadline.

The Pistons (25-29) are a semi-play behind the Theat Miami for the latest and final venue.

They have 2½ games behind Brooklyn Nets in the sixth place with 28 games left.

Le Griffin, 29, was playing well to earn steam in the Game All-Star later in the month, the front office gave a thought to give stronger help.

He decided to add two pieces of young people, guard Svi Mykhailiuk and a great man of Thon Maker, and start the salary capital situation that former staff president Stan Van Gundy left.

Griffin gave his right.

Blake Griffin has a career season, and is under contract by 2022. (Photo: Adam Hunger, United States of America TODAY Sports)

"As players, you've got confidence in the front office," said Griffin after scoring 26 points against the Knicks.

"They know what they are doing. Of course, we need to lose (Reggie Bullock and Stanley Johnson) a lot, we want them to do the best, but I hope you'll find some guys that will come to front and help them and I think we got them in Toni and Svi.

"You just got on. It's in basketball."

Griffin's comments are showing his team, who knows basketball business. The Pistons team likes to enjoy the Bullock and Johnson, which was received in 2015 from the seventh episode.

But the business will continue to go on the spot immediately.

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Permanent business decisions?

Earlier Friday, Senior Consultant Pistons, Ed Stefanski, addressed the trading deadline decisions.

Tonight on Tuesday, the Pockons Bullock sent to the Lakers for Mykhailiuk and 2021 second-picked.

On Thursday, the Pistons finished trading through three teams sent Johnson to Pelicans New Orleans, Nikola Mirotic to Milwaukee Bucks and Maker to the Pistons. The Pelicans got four second round decisions out of the Bucks.


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Different sources told the Free Press that the Pistons were involved with the Memphis Grizzlies to try the first veteran guard Mike Conley, a Griffin-compatible player and a playstep.

But the Grizzlies wanted Luke Kennard and a first-pick pick, the Pistons consider that price was too high.

It is hoped that the huge wages in the next season would have already been, the Pistons were not happy to dedicate huge earnings to Bullock, who will be a free agent.

In Johnson's case, the inconsistent fourth-year inconsistent planning was not ahead, with a qualifying tender of $ 4.5 million due in June, the Pistons moved.

Pistons owner Tom Gores is a signpost of money being made available at Van Gundy's current expensive roster with a limited ceiling and a couple of ways to improve it.

It does not seem that they are all-time as a first meeting shelter in the Eastern Conference playgrounds, since Mykhailiuk is unlikely to help a player running this season.

Similarly, Maker, a talented man with a 3-point shooting capability that fell from the rotation in Milwaukee.

Stefanski acknowledged that the movements were for the future, and Pistons did not have assets for a more significant upgrade.

They will be about to give up their attractive assets.

"I think (Maker and Mykhailiuk) are helping Blake's window next year and Blake loves these people," said Stefanski. "It is likely that Bruce Brown and Khyri Thomas will have players. It is like these two young men.

"For the players you need to get an extra star, we have no flexibility. It's not happening (now), but we're starting. There is a smaller move on the sides, but we do not have that flexibility to another star get to go with Blake. "

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New blood

Maker and Mykhailiuk made their Pistons against the Knicks.

The maker was not scored in eight minutes and Mykhailiuk was 1 out of 4 from the field and he had two help in nine minutes.

Bullock did not catch the 129-128 Lakers peak over the Celtics on Thursday night; Johnson scored six points in 20 minutes in the Pelicans victory over Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday.


The most recent man of Detroit Pistons, Thon Maker, spoke to the staff and the first book on Dwane Casey, Friday, February 8, 2019.
Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press

The happiness players showed to Bullock and Johnson and their new situations.

Bullock plays with LeBron James, and Johnson will have the opportunity to play a significant role with the Pelicans entering the free agency.

But the two new players welcomed the Pistons coach, Dwane Casey, noting that Griffin took away the young people in their first day with the license.

"You still got to work and we all have to help the new guys welcome them and help them understand our offense, our defense, talk to guys, inspire them when they fall half way through the season to verify it on the fly, "Griffin said.

But their former members will be lost.

"We all know that this is a business," said Kennard. "Things happen people are traded. I've got a real closure with both of them, great people, great colleagues. It's tough to see people. This is the time people get nervous or are worried about what is but things that happen. I want them the best, but you have to move on and try to keep it better. "

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Senior consultant Pistons, Ed Stefanski, discusses both movements at the trading deadline, other young players on the roster and flexibility on February 8, 2019.
Vince Ellis, Detroit Free Press

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