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Blame Wada spraying poison! ‘Thai football team’ canceled 2 big battles for the ASEAN Championship

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Blame Wada spraying poison! ‘Thai football team’ canceled 2 big battles for the ASEAN Championship

from the case that Thailand was The World Banned Substances Organization (WADA) has already started to affect the hosting of international sporting events. Most recently, the Football Association of Thailand. Decided to cancel hosting 2 ASEAN championships, namely beach soccer and men’s futsal, which were originally held in November.

as previously scheduled Thailand will host the ASEAN Beach Soccer Championship, “AFF Beach Soccer Championship 2021” during October 30 – November 3, in Pattaya, Chonburi, including the Futsal Championship. ASEAN In November, however, from Wada’s penalty to withdraw

“Big Joe” Mr. Patit Suphaphong, the Football Association’s secretary general, revealed that after Wada had a penalty in which the football sector Thailand is scheduled to host two such programs. Therefore, harmonize ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) to ask for clarity from Wada whether there will be problems with hosting 2 Thai football events, although Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) .) said the penalty was effective from 8 October and that Thailand had been approved by the AFF before that.

Mr Pathit also said inquiries were made to the AFF and Wada for certainty, fearing that there would be close problems. Prior to the tournament’s scheduled date, the AFF had yet to receive a response from Wada. Therefore, we consulted, which Mr. Adisak Benjasiriwan Vice President of the Football Association And the president of futsal and beach football development in Thailand suggested that the host should withdraw. For the sake of fairness to member countries, fear that if the team has practiced and prepared, will not compete, therefore decided to withdraw from hosting both events in the end

Reporters reported that Expect a beach soccer match. and the ASEAN Futsal Championship Until now, no nation has shown readiness to organize instead of Thailand. Meanwhile, in beach soccer Thailand will organize a special event instead of the ASEAN battle, the “AFF Beach Soccer Festival” that Thailand hosts on November 7-11 in Pattaya. Nu, a team from Malaysia and All-Stars Inter will play against Thai A and Thai B, which can be arranged. because it is not an official competition and not at the international level

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