Blender 3.0 released.Renewal of rendering engine, addition of useful functions such as asset browser for material selection –PRONEWS: Digital video production Web magazine

The Blender Foundation announced the release of Blender 3.0 on December 3rd.

Blender 3.0 can be downloaded as free software from the download page.

Key new features in Blender 3.0

New rendering engine “Cycles X”

Introduced a new rendering engine “Cycles X” to improve GPU rendering performance and interactivity. Rendering of live-action scenes will be doubled to eight times, improving performance.


The viewport pursued higher responsiveness in order to speed up the rendering mode. Even with overlays turned on, movement within the 3D viewport is more responsive, he said.

Compression method

Changed the compression method of blend files from gzip to Zstandard. The project loads faster.

Asset browser

The Asset Browser is a standard feature of many design suites, as it not only gives you instant access to your assets, but also gives you immediate access to a wealth of options with additional libraries. Supports multiple asset types: objects, materials, poses, and worlds. It is said that it plans to add and expand more functions in future version upgrades.

Geomtetry Nodes

The procedural system introduced in 2.92 has been expanded and the node group design method has been restructured. It also added about 100 new nodes for manipulating new attribute systems, curves and text data, instances, and more.

Shadow terminator

Added new options to mitigate shadow artifacts that tend to occur in low poly game models. The rays from the plane are offset to the position of the smooth surface specified by the normal.

Shadow catcher

Supports indirect and ambient light for more accurate compositing. It is an option to consider whether the light is included or not, that is, “whether it is a real object or a synthesized object”. Colored shadows and precise reflections make it easier to combine 3D and live-action.


Focusing on improving contrast, it is now possible to round the corners of the panels and customize the margins between the panels, making it more clearly distinguishable. Some widgets have been adjusted for consistency, including the ability to customize the roundness of menu items.

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