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“Blew” Inner comes full of sassy women

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“Blew” Inner comes full of sassy women

Rub your eyes so hard!!! I don’t think I will see the young hero of the rising star “Blew-Woraphon Jintakosol” willing to invest in transforming from a handsome boy into a beautiful girl in the blink of an eye. With the feel-good drama, good mood like “Koh Rak Kol Jai” from the “Video Star” camp until the heroine of the story “Ney-Paphada Klin Sumal” has to raise a white flag to surrender in beauty. The bang puriye of the young Blew who stunned and acted saucy through the screen.

This scene is when Egypt (Blew-Woraphon) has to agree to marry a woman. So that Khun Wipa (Kai-Supranee) and Khun Rangsit (Lek-Wiwat) don’t remember. for fear the secret will be broken The sky (Ney-Paphada) complained to Egypt that she was dressed like this. Egyptians say that the clothes are not dry, so they have to be worn like this. But in the end, Khun Wipha remembers. because Egypt dropped the hat But Wipha knows it’s a secret so she doesn’t talk. allowing Egypt to escape from the sky

Behind the scenes of this scene, both the cast and crew laughed a lot. I tried to hold back my laugh, but I really couldn’t hold it back. Blew pushed to invest in creating a full beauty from head to toe like this, whoever saw it would be shocked and stunned. We have to give credit to the team of clothes, faces, and hair that helped transform Blew’s look so beautiful. as you wish Brother Louis-Siam Sangwaributr, director, but this work must be fully appreciated in the spirit of being a professional actor for Blew. who wears the inner image of the mother since the dress is finished Comes in a short pink floral dress. Turbans in hats and big black glasses, stomping, stooping, slashing, hands are automatic. The superintendent ordered him to do whatever he wanted. play carefree Letting things out fully, making butter, oats, Jenny, Pee Kai-Supranee And Pee Lek-Viwat even came out laughing, tears welling up. than collecting consciousness It made me laugh until I was almost exhausted. I agree very much with Blue’s courage. But everyone gritted their teeth and played until they passed. But only when ordering a cut Bleu sighed heavily. And then let out a huge laugh of yourself. What did you do? (laughs) Both Brother Louise The cast and crew applauded and gave huge thumbs up for Bleu’s courage to play before Blew went for a change of clothes. The cast also asked to take a commemorative photo. Blew also poses in a large set. end of laughter Became the favorite of the drama group for young Blew Hey!!! Young Blew…..follow the fun of this scene in the drama “Koh Rak Kol Jai”, aired on Friday, August 27, 2021 at 8:30 p.m. On Channel 7HD, press 35


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