‘Blitz Retirement’ Lee Dae-eun had to endure the pain of tattoo removal surgery and played baseball…

[마이데일리 = 장윤호 기자]KT Wiz, who is trying to win the Korean Series for the second time in a row, faced a sad case at the beginning of the new year. This is because pitcher Lee Dae-eun (33), who was expected to be the center of pitching power this season, announced his sudden retirement.

What is confusing is the difference between a player and a club. Players retire on their own, but KT Wiz requests the KBO president to voluntarily withdraw from Lee Dae-eun.

Article 31 of the KBO Rules [임의탈퇴선수] There are provisions. ‘The club applies for the voluntary withdrawal of a player to the governor in the case of any of the following subparagraphs, and the governor announces the player as a voluntary withdrawal player.’

In the case of Lee Dae-eun, ‘1. This is the case where the player’s contract is terminated when the player applies for the termination of the player contract to his/her club during the participation period or the suspension period and the club approves it.

On the 14th, Lee Sung-yong, head of KT Wiz’s team, said, “I plan to apply for voluntary resignation from the KBO. You will follow the formal procedures of the club. I hope there is no misunderstanding. Lee Dae-eun did not improvisely notify the club of his sudden retirement. He has already expressed his intentions several times since last year. Still, the club persuaded him. “The club wanted to do more because it was a waste of great qualities,” he said.

Lee Dae-eun’s record last year was 3 wins, 2 losses, 9 holds and 1 save. Appeared in 31 games. His average earned run score was 3.48, which was at a high level. His career in the KBO league is 7 wins, 8 losses, 19 saves, 9 holds, and an earned run average of 4.37.

Lee Dae-eun got married after the season ended, and recently appeared on a TV variety show and became a hot topic. Lee Dae-eun enlisted in the Police Baseball Team and completed his military service, but the tattoo on his neck was a problem according to the compulsory police regulations for public affairs. At first, he tried to get rid of it with a laser, but in the end, it didn’t work, so he underwent skin resection and was accepted into the police baseball team.

According to an official familiar with the process at the time, ‘The operation itself was extremely painful. However, in order for Lee Dae-eun to continue playing baseball, he must join the Police Baseball Team and play in the Futures League.

Although he did not make it to the major leagues, Dae-eun Lee, who graduated from Shinil High School and started with the Chicago Cubs, then made his debut in the KBO League through Japanese professional baseball, contributed to the 2021 KT Wiz Korean Series championship and took off his uniform.

Team leader Lee Sung-yong said, “I respected the players’ wishes. He said he was worried a lot about how long he would play baseball because he was injured frequently. The club will re-analyze this season’s strength and prepare anew.”

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By Jang Yun-ho, staff reporter

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