Blizzard employee allegedly fired for making loot scares based on corporate greed – World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Eric Covington, who used to work on the World of Warcraft beta team, was fired after nine years at Blizzard, seemingly out of the blue. However, he believes he lost his job because, in his words: “Someone watched an innocent joke and saw a reflection.

Covington is referring here to the loot experts, part of a goblin trading cartel who drop treasure if you kill them before they reach the magical portal. they will say “Another record quarter for revenue” and“No profit sharing”.

Even after Covington was fired, Blizzard’s marketing team continued to use the loot expert’s claims, which were clearly aimed at commercial fat cats. Covington believes that someone at a higher level decided that he would side with the Axes, as he was not even given a chance to appeal against his firing or change the conversation in question.

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