Blizzard ‘Heathstone’, new game mode ‘Mercenaries’ released in October: Maekyung Game Team

Blizzard Entertainment will simultaneously apply the new game mode ‘Mercenaries’ of the strategy card game ‘Heathstone’ worldwide on October 13th. ‘Mercenary’ is a new content that combines the strategy-collecting RPG method and rogue-like elements, and is expected to add a different kind of fun to ‘Heathstone’.

According to Blizzard, the ‘Mercenary Corps’ does not require a deck of cards and anyone can enjoy it for free. Users will hire and collect legendary characters from the Warcraft universe to engage in new bounty missions that are created each time. Combine over 50 unique mercenaries, each with three reinforcing abilities and potential synergies, to form a variety of squads. Mercenaries will be added continuously.

Blizzard said, “Every user who completes the battle and village tutorials will be given 8 mercenary cards to start playing with the mercenary, and can enjoy battle in which the order in which their actions are triggered is determined by the speed ranking.” Each time you defeat an enemy, you gain experience and you can raise the level up to 30.”

Mercenaries can also be obtained with Mercenary Coins obtained by completing various missions and bounties. You can create additional rare, special, and legendary mercenary cards. New mercenaries can also be obtained from mercenary cards or mercenary packs containing mercenary portraits.

In addition, through the ‘village’, you can manage collectibles, obtain mission rewards, and strengthen buildings. Diablo, who first appeared in Hearthstone, will be added as a mercenary. The ‘Diablo’ mercenary can be found as one of three pre-order bundles, each containing one of Blizzard’s representative characters. It can also be obtained in-game through mercenary packs or the crafting system.

Blizzard also prepared various events in connection with ‘World of Warcraft’ to coincide with the launch of the mercenaries. The tavern’s ‘Sarge’ appears in ‘World of Warcraft’. If you complete the mercenary prologue and start the first wanted bounty, you can also obtain the ‘Heathstone Captain Mount’. If you purchase a product for 180 days of game time in ‘World of Warcraft’, you will be rewarded with Hearthstone items, including mercenary packs.

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