Blizzard teases a new survival game – Bahamut

Blizzard, a well-known game maker, announced on the official blog today that they will launch a new survival game on PC and home console platforms, and recruit art and design talents to participate in the new project.

From the introduction text of Blizzad, this new survival game should be different from the previous IP. Blizzard noted that they are on the next journey. Travel to a whole new world, a new survival game coming to PC and home consoles. It will be full of undiscovered heroes, undiscovered stories, and new adventures. The vast possibilities await further exploration.

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Blizzard is also recruiting talents who love survival games to join the development team of the new work, including environment and senior character art designers, level designers, engine chief software engineers and other positions. According to the blog text, this new project is still in the process of In the early development stage, the details have not yet been disclosed.



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