Blizzard warning in Hawaii: ‘warming warning’, snow drought in US mountains

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What you see now, don’t be surprised.

The island of Hawaii, USA.

A blizzard warning has now been issued for Hawaii with winds of up to 160 km/h.

Of course, Hawaii is not without snow, but it is unusual for a blizzard warning to be issued like this.

On the other hand, the mainland United States has the lowest snowfall in 20 years due to a snow drought.

Reporter Park So-hee reports.

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A blizzard blows so hard that you can’t see ahead.

“Wow! What a surprise!”

Wiping the pouring snow, I crawled down the snow-covered road.

A heavy blizzard engulfed parked cars in an instant.

The U.S. National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the mountainous areas of Hawaii Island on the 3rd local time and a flood warning for the coastal lowlands.

This is the second snowstorm warning this year alone.

It was predicted that a blizzard with snow of up to 30 cm and strong winds of 160 km/h would hit until dawn on the 5th local time.

Local media reported that it is not uncommon to see snow on a mountain such as Mauna Kea, Hawaii, but it is unusual for a warning to be issued.

[데렉 반 담/ CNN 기상캐스터]

“It’s really interesting that we have to go to the subtropical climate of our country to introduce the area where the snowstorm warning has been issued.”

If Hawaii had an unusual snowstorm, there was a snow drought on the mainland.

People sunbathing and exercising in the park, in sleeveless and shorts.

On the 1st, the temperature in Denver, Colorado, USA was 25 degrees Celsius, and it was early autumn.

Colorado is famous for snowing half of the year, but this year it didn’t snow for 224 days.

[데렉 그리너흐 / 덴버 주민]

“I bought a ticket to the ski resort where I can go snowboarding. I don’t think I’ll be able to snowboard for a while because of the very nice weather with the temperature as high as 24 degrees.”

It’s not just Colorado.

Six percent of the 48 states in the continental United States experienced the lowest snowfall in 20 years, with mild weather and drought.

The Washington Post reported that the western mountains could lose snow for years with climate warming.

This is Sohee Park from MBC News.

Video editing: Yang Hong-seok / Video source: YouTube @Kyle Gillett, @HAARP

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