Blizzard’s ‘Diablo 4’ Webtoon Bore for Burger King… joint marketing


Blizzard announced various cooperation marketing in accordance with the official release of ‘Diablo 4’ on the 6th of next month. From the first webtoon collaboration with bestselling author Cho Seok, to popular brands such as Burger King and fashion brand Exlim, Diablo 4’s intellectual property (IP) is grafted. It also plans to introduce unique weapons for domestic users.

Robert J Lee, CEO of Blizzard Korea, said on the 31st, “We are preparing an event suitable for a blockbuster title specializing in the domestic community.” he said.

Writer Seok Jo, known for Naver webpoon ‘The Sound of Your Heart’, uses Diablo IP to deliver a dark and serious atmosphere to Wentoons. This is the first application of Diablo IP to web. Burger King is expected to launch a hamburger menu tailored to the Diablo concept, and Exlim is expected to launch related apparel products.

There are also benefits for users of domestic PC suites. If you play Diablo 4 in a connected PC room, you can get extra experience points and items like gold and silver coins without buying the game separately. You can also enjoy effects such as tri-color warhorse mount and equipment durability maintenance.

Diablo 4, the official sequel after 11 years since the previous Diablo 3, is the first in the series to apply an open world and the darkest and darkest story and worldview. Even if you haven’t experienced the previous series, you can immerse yourself in the game and enjoy it with the story set decades after the previous game.

Blizzard will launch a new season starting with the early access on the 2nd of next month and the official release on the 6th, and introduce the battle pass. It also promised continuous updates such as new items, appearance, and convenience features.

Joe Shirley, director of Blizzard Diablo 4, said, “The Korean market is also very important to Blizzard.”

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