Block access to the internal network of those banned from the Seoul Transport Corporation… Reduce individual work

President Kim Sang-beom promises measures to prevent this from happening again at the plenary meeting of the National Assembly’s Leisure Committee

In order to prevent the recurrence of crimes such as the stalking and murder of an employee at Sindang Station, the Seoul Transportation Corporation decided to block access to the internal computer network of dismissed employees and reduce their work only.

Kim Sang-beom, president of Seoul Transportation Corporation, attended a plenary meeting of the National Assembly’s Gender and Family Equality Committee on the 20th and said, “We will block access to the internal computer network for employees who have been released from u jobs and wait until the final trial so that disciplinary action can be taken after the verdict of the first trial,” he said.

President Kim said, “Although the criminal has been released from his job, the reason why the criminal was able to connect to the internal computer network was because the current system assumes a normal situation.” “We could not limit access to information to those who release .”
He said, “I will consider ways to ensure the safety of citizens and workers with this event as an opportunity,” he said.

President Kim also said, “Regarding the station service system, we are introducing social service personnel and introducing virtual patrol using CCTV instead of field patrol for all work at the station. I will change it, “he said.

In addition, regarding the supply of self-defense equipment, he said, “We provided a gas jet gun two years ago, but there was a problem with its use, so we recovered it through a labor management agreement.” He added.

President Kim also promised to expand support for victims of sexual crimes within the company and strengthen the security of ordinary citizens.

He said, “We will further strengthen functions such as the complaints counseling window and the mental health centre.” “In the case of a sexual offense within the corporation, if it is difficult for the victim himself to file a complaint directly, he can make a complaint through an internal lawyer. We will introduce a system that allows

He added, “We will install CCTV in all trains and expand the ‘security zone’ in stations with emergency bells in bright lights, while strengthening the patrol and emergency patrols of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s subway sheriffs.”

In addition, President Kim asked the government to improve the system so that employees of local corporations must report crimes such as sexual offenses and drunk driving to the relevant authorities.

He also asked for an operational review of giving judicial power to station staff, which has been followed for 10 years.

Jeon Joo-hwan (31, arrested), the suspect in the Sindang Station case, was found to have no criminal history at the time of joining the Transport Corporation.

To the question of “Did you know at the time of hiring that Jeon Joo-hwan was guilty of two criminal charges?”, President Kim replied, “I checked through the domicile, and there were no facts unusual.”

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