‘Blood bruises all over the body’ 40-year-old inmate suddenly dies… Suspected of assault

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A 40-year-old inmate who was imprisoned at Gongju Prison in Chungcheongnam-do died, and the bereaved family suspects an assault case in the prison.

Severe bruises and wounds were found all over the body.

An autopsy revealed that the death was suspected to have been caused by assault.

Reporter Yoon Woong-seong covered the story.

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The news of Park’s death was delivered to the family of the 40-year-old Park Mo, who was imprisoned in Gongju Prison around 11:50 pm on the 21st.

It was reported that Park suddenly complained of difficulty breathing while sleeping and died in the vehicle while being transported to a nearby hospital.

Contrary to the explanation given by the prison that he died during transport due to breathing difficulties, Park, who died, had severe wounds all over his body.

It is known that there were blood bruises on the abdomen, arms, and legs, and there were also traces of bleeding from the mouth and nose.

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“It’s the first time I’ve seen it since I was born. Those bruises, especially the bruises on the belly. There are scars like that. The scabs. What did the (the guards) do until the kid got to this point?”

As a result of the first autopsy by the National Forensic Service, Park’s body showed signs of assault, such as a fractured rib and a rupture of the mesentery that occurs when there is damage caused by strong external forces.

[공주교도소 관계자]

“The (mesenchymal) membrane ruptured and bleeding occurred. There is a high possibility of assaulting an inmate in the same room. But because they deny it…”

Gongju Penitentiary said that it is intensively investigating the exact circumstances of the incident and whether the guards have neglected the management of inmates and others.

The final autopsy results are expected to come out in about three weeks, but the bereaved family is delaying the funeral and urging a thorough investigation into Park’s sudden death.

This is Yoon Woong-seong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Yang Cheol-gyu / Daejeon

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