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‘Blood bruises’ YouTuber Ahmalli, a nurse left a comment leaving a university hospital… What happened?

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A YouTuber Arrggi (real name Kim Min-young), a YouTuber who said that he suffered from abnormal reactions such as bruising after receiving a health injection, eventually went to a university hospital and was tested.

On the 10th, Arggari’s husband posted on his Instagram story, “Thank you for all your concern. He is resting after being tested at a university hospital, so I will contact you slowly.”

Earlier, on the 9th, Arggari posted a full body picture covered in blood bruises along with a long text on his Instagram, raising concerns.

He said that he recently received a ‘health injection’ that is good for chronic inflammation and a distorted body shape. I’ve been very sick last week. It really felt like a car accident.”

He continued, “You don’t have to worry too much. I think it was a worthwhile time to realize the importance of health.” He added, “I have a normal face, so I will wear long-sleeved long pants and quickly recover and see you again with a bright image.”

A nurse fan who saw the post said, “I am very suspicious of platelet lowering. That extent and severity are seen in patients with severe thrombocytopenia. A simple blood test will give you a number, so I recommend that you check it out. I am worried that treatment with blood transfusions may be urgently needed at a university hospital.” At this, he said, “Thank you so much. I came to the university hospital after seeing this comment.”

On the other hand, Amalggi, who has 560,000 subscribers, is a model and broadcaster who made his face known to the public through OGN’s Heathstone program, ‘Heathstone Argglzzl’, and is currently active on Twitch TV and YouTube.

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