“Blood everywhere”… Kang Hyung-wook with a bandage on his hand, recent situation after ‘dog bite accident’

[이데일리 이선영 기자] Kang Hyung-wook, an animal trainer, told the story of his dog bite accident earlier this month.

In the opening episode of KBS2’s ‘Dogs are Wonderful’ broadcast on the 24th, Trainer Kang appeared with a bandage on his left hand. MC Jang Do-yeon mentioned the dog bite accident, saying, “I was very surprised to see Trainer Kang’s hand.”

When Lee Kyung-gyu asked, “How did you get bitten by a dog?”, Kang Hyung-wook explained, “I was personally training and playing, and when I said ‘bit the ball’, he bit his hand.”

Kang Hyeong-wook said, “I’ve been bitten a lot, but it’s the first time I’ve had surgery on the operating table.” He said, “The wounds didn’t cut pretty well, they were ripped off by a dog, so they said they couldn’t sew many stitches. It should be sparse (sutured). Looking at the situation, if there are additional stitches, I sew them.”

“It’s embarrassing, but I rolled to the floor. Thankfully, the cleaning lady found me and was surprised and called people in. I injured my hand, but I came down with support,” he recalled.

Also, when asked, ‘How did the dog that bit his hand react?’, he said, “I was in a corner by surprise.”

(Photo = KBS2 ‘Dogs are wonderful’ capture)

Previously, Trainer Kang posted a picture of a visit to the hospital emergency room on Instagram on the 4th, revealing that he had been bitten by a dog.

At the time, he said, “I got bitten again. It really hurts. It’s not like it just hurts, I bit my hand, but I can’t straighten my back, my leg is limp, and my lips are numb,” he complained of pain.

Afterwards, on the 6th, he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel ‘Kang Hyeong-wook’s Bodeum TV’ and explained the situation at the time of the accident.

Trainer Kang said, “I was bitten while training with a dog, but it was so painful that I fell down. splashed in all directions A lot of blood came out. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like that,” he said.

He said, “There are pictures of (at the time of the accident), but minors or people with weak bodies cannot see them. It’s my murder, and I won’t see it,” he added.



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