Blood worms in phythons by killing Florida snakes could spread to other states

Photo: Envirobites

Says MELBOURNE, Fla. – Reports that native snakes are killing indirectly at Burma pythons in Florida.

The US reports today that researchers at Stetson University discovered parasitic worm, scattered by the invasive pythons, who are killing native Florida snakes. The worms were found in Central Florida, more than 100 miles away from where Burma pythons were reported in the southern part of the state.

Although the worms were found in the northern part of the state, this does not mean that there are pythons, according to a recent study. Researchers say that the parasites have traveled so far by striking riders in reptiles and other host animals that eat Florida snakes. Officials say that there is a danger of worms spreading to other states.

"At this point, they are moving fast. They are certainly in Brevard County," said Terence Farrell, a biologist at Stetson University. "It can be spread all over the United States."

In discouraging a pygmy puppy, research the parasites in the lungs and trachea of ​​animals. It was reported that one of the worms was as wide as the trachea of ​​the snake and that it could stop the snake's route.

Researchers say that the seizure parades are not considered to pose a health risk to people.

These results were published in the Herpetological Review.


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