The black series continues in Burkina Faso. It is the least we can say. Indeed, no later than September 4, 53 combatants, including 17 soldiers and 36 Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) died in an attack perpetrated in Koumbri in the North region where they were deployed to facilitate the ” resettlement of populations” dislodged by armed terrorist groups. Shortly before, it was the military detachment of Toabili in the Eastern region, which had suffered the fury of the attackers who, it is said, took with them weapons and ammunition. However, for some time now, most attacks have been directed against civilians and not military positions, so many villages have been emptied of their inhabitants. What message do the terrorists want to send by deciding to intensify the attacks against the FDS and their auxiliaries? Is this a way of harassing them, hoping to push them out of their positions so that they can take control of them? Or are these violent attacks acts of desperation on the part of a losing adversary? So many questions that more than one Burkinabe asks himself with regard to the sequence of events.

It is necessary to strike at the enemy so that the balance of forces on the ground changes

In any case, everything leads to believe that in Koumbri, the armed groups do not digest the process of resettlement of the populations, initiated by the authorities of the transition. The very arrival of the patriot coalition in the area they have controlled for several years is seen as a snub. So fact that they were quick to react. Admittedly, they still have control of the area, but it’s a safe bet that after this barbaric attack, the FDS and the VDP will soon strike at them. The army has even announced the color of it since it affirms, in its press release, that “this cowardly attack will not go unpunished”. This is at least what the populations are waiting for, as they no longer know which armed group to devote themselves to; so much do they suffer martyrdom. In any case, everything must be done not to give reason to Cassandre and other birds of bad omen who think that Burkina was wrong to ask for the departure of the Saber force. For this, the results on the ground of the fight against terrorism must be monitored. That said, isn’t it time for Captain President Ibrahim Traoré to launch the “real war” he announced during his last television interview? We must work to break the enemy’s loins so that the balance of forces on the ground changes. It is in this, moreover, that we must congratulate ourselves on the public health operation carried out by the fighting forces in the Hauts-Bassins where, it is said, a hundred terrorists were neutralized. In any case, we want to believe that Burkina, like a reed, bends but will not break.



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