Blue Archive Global reveals the details of new students in the best swimsuits and announces 100 free gifts just by entering the game!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 9:31:59 am Indochina time

Announcing a big launch event to celebrate the famous mobile game Blue Archive The event was created to celebrate Japan’s upcoming surfing game. 1.5 year, making it a major update. with great activities in the summer such as ” A work trip! Shop Hyakki Yako Shop plan by the sea and it will start at January 31, 2023 this

To get the details of the game update this time, there will be animations for both. 9 minutes, which will prepare the story for the characters in the game Blue Archive which will focus on students from Ysgol Abidos and students from the school Hyakiyako Federation Including many old characters who will join the jam

for the benefit of the activity” A work trip! Shop Hyakki Yako Shop plan by the sea ” As well as being the content of the activity and the animation These characters would be. Limited edition And it will help strengthen the troops for different teams to be even stronger, whether it is ” Hoshino (swimsuit) “One of the characters of the class 3 Stars, which have the ability to enhance the strength of teammates. It is one of the most valuable characters that deserves to be discovered. Additionally, such characters only have length. 5 day only, with plans to enter the game of January 31, 2023 i February 5, 2023

But it’s over Hoshino (swimsuit) And it does not mean that the players will have a break from opening the gacha in any way because within February 5th i February 14 Two new characters in the swimsuit version will be added to the game. which includes

  • Izuna (swimsuit) character level 3 stars Limited edition It has the ability to use type bullets. mystical and Able to hit an individual target forcefully. Including also helping to “increase attack speed”, which will cause damage to be released faster than before

  • Chise (swimsuit) character level 3 stars Limited edition He has the ability to use Mystic type bullets, he has the ability to fire grenades at enemies in a higher group. 3 and will cause the enemy to be “stunned” despite the current Boss Armor A secret There won’t be many. But for the future I think Chise (swimsuit) Should be another interesting character and worth keeping quite a bit

But in addition to the event, increase the discount 3x give to means Bounty , Campaign , Scrimmage and distribution of level characters 1 stars like Shizuko in activities” A work trip! Shop Hyakki Yako Shop plan by the sea ” Another thing that should not be missed would be the issue of taking free pictures to use for finding characters during Summer All 100 times since then February 5, 2023 i February 14, 2023 Will be giving away tickets to open for free on the day 10 times and on the last day will be adjusted to 20 time is the end

And in addition, if able to log in completely 7 day will receive a reward Pyroxene size 1,200 To be used to open for various characters and energy refunds, including furniture. Beach Water Floatation (oh Hoshino Swimsuit) goes free, with a period of January 31, 2023 i March 7, 2023


Including in the shop section of Total Attack After the game update is January 31, 2023 is added” bits of characters ” Go into all the shops above 2 The character includes

  • Eliff Momoi use Total Attack size 50 Points are redeemable for everyone 10 time
  • Eleph Midori use Advanced Total Attack size 50 Points are redeemable for everyone 5 time

The above points are obtained from beating. Boss Raid Which activity the activity intends to enter the game officially January 31, 2023 until February 6, 2023


Added a new system called Unique Item which can be unlocked when ” bond value ” from the character to the specified point This will help to strengthen the character to the next level. with each character 6 The character includes

  • Aru
  • Tsurugi
  • Shun (Small)
  • Flat (Bunny)
  • Yuka
  • Hare


In addition, after the launch of the game, tickets will be sold. Selective Recruitment or a token to raise a level character 3 Stars that can be picked up from the first character of the game until Government (New Year) (except for Limited edition) for sale from January 31 i February 21 only


is complete for the main game updates Blue Archive In the current patch of the server Worldwide Of course, there are some minor updates such as adding new furniture, replacing packages, adding new difficulty levels, and much more. You can read more details in this link.

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