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Blue Microphones Proline XLR series top microphones are launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of the three products is up to the studio level

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Blue Microphones, a well-known American professional microphone brand under Logitech, was founded in 1995 to subvert the traditional acoustic technology to create a series of top microphones with high sound quality and unique appearance. Used by music superstars such as Coldplay, Maroon 5, Sting, Bruno Mars. In addition to USB microphones, Blue Microphones has created a classic series of professional-grade, high-quality XLR microphones for professionals, which are also loved by all walks of life. The professional top-level Proline XLR series will soon be available in Taiwan.

With the rise of the global live broadcast culture with fever, the demand for “sound presentation” of the audience, listeners or performers themselves has entered a new level, and the top microphones of the studio level have become popular among Podcaster, live broadcasters, personal creators or music. Loved by the family. Blue Microphones launched the professional Proline XLR series products in Taiwan, including Spark SL, Bluebird SL, Baby Bottle SL three large-diaphragm studio condenser microphones, all with 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass FilterWith -20dB signal attenuation (Pad) and cardioid radio mode, it not only can sensitively capture the human voice, reproduce the original sound and present excellent details, but also can more meticulously and accurately master the sound characteristics, making the recording applicability more extensive.

Blue “Sound and Sound” Online Mini Concert

In order to allow more users to find a microphone that suits their voice, and to understand the features of the Blue Microphones Proline XLR series. Blue Microphones will hold the Blue “Uncommon Voice” online mini concert X Blue Proline XLR series products will be released, and will invite the music director of the king of the forest, Mr. Ahuo, to supervise the production, leading the super-powered cast of online singing and matching Go to the Blue Proline XLR series products, take the audience’s voice through the environment, understand the difference between the sound in the scorpion, and choose the microphone that suits you! The program will premiere online on the “Blue Microphones Chinese Page” at 20:00 on October 15th.

The Blue Proline series product launch and online mini concert will be held on October 15th.

Blue Microphones Proline XLR Series Features

Blue Microphones Proline XLR series products each have sound quality processing features. Spark SL can present delicate and transparent sound quality, which is very suitable for podcasting, Twitch game live broadcast and YouTube video production; Bluebird SL can present crystal-clear modern sound quality, suitable for all types Vocal performance and musical instruments, especially guitar and piano performance; Baby Bottle SL has warm timbre and presence characteristics, which can be used for various vocal types, musical instruments including guitar, jazz drums, brass instruments, stringed instruments, piano, etc. and the environment, it is indispensable Professionally equipped.

Blue Microphones Spark SL can bring professional studio-level sound into creation through professional XLR connections and multi-function switches. The large-diaphragm cardioid capacitor receiver head and JFET electronic equipment can provide excellent details and full harmonic audio, with excellent sound processing capabilities, clear with excellent sound details and rich recording details as its characteristics, hand-made special There is a cardioid pointing to the large diaphragm, which brings a super delicate and concentrated sound. Use -20dB Signal attenuation (PadCan make the sound clear and crisp, even if the desktop makes a sound or low-frequency noise, enable 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass FilterYou can start recording without hindrance. The unique JFET design ensures that the back plate of the receiver head is evenly charged and always provides consistent, detailed and transparent sound. Spark SL has a finely designed Class A circuit that can maintain a pure signal, reproduce the original sound, and present a studio-quality sound that shocks the audience; it is suitable for Podcaster, Twitch game live broadcasts, and YouTube video production.

Blue Microphones Proline XLR series top microphones are launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of the three products is up to the studio level

Spark SL can bring the studio-level delicate and transparent sound into personal sound creation.

Blue Microphones Bluebird SL is an improvement from the original Bluebird microphone. It not only provides original sound reproduction, highly versatile sound, with extended treble clarity, smooth midrange, suitable for any vocal or instrumental features, and makes every detail of the performance come to life. Bluebird SL has 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass FilterAnd -20dB Signal attenuation (Pad, It can capture colorful vocal performances, and express the real sounds of guitars and pianos with clearer midrange and deep bass.

Bluebird SL has extended treble clarity and smooth midrange, suitable for any vocal or instrumental features, making every detail of the performance come alive.

Each component of Bluebird SL has been specially designed to provide a modern, clear tone. The hand-made proprietary cardioid pointing sound head uses an exquisite gold-plated polyester film diaphragm, which can produce excellent resonance at higher frequencies, which is helpful for vocal mixing. The carefully crafted back panel ensures a balanced sound throughout the entire spectrum. The fine A-level circuit greatly improves the accuracy of the sound. Suitable for all types of vocal performances and musical instrument performances, especially guitar and piano. Bluebird SL is a unique microphone suitable for various performances, with a built-in switchable 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass Filter)with -20dB Signal attenuation (Pad, Can flexibly track the nuances and power of various sound sources, capture the singer’s unique voice characteristics, and obtain amazing details!

Blue Microphones Baby Bottle SL can provide classic sound and amazing versatility. It is a cardioid condenser top microphone with full midrange, smooth treble and natural warm bass, reminiscent of the best in the world Vintage microphone. With 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass Filter)with -20dB Signal attenuation (Pad, Baby Bottle SL can add a full, classic atmosphere to any sound source. Based on the successful foundation of the original Baby Bottle, the SL model adds more refined detail processing, a new streamlined structure and multi-function options, which can capture the true characteristics of the sound and achieve an unforgettable performance.

Blue Microphones Proline XLR series top microphones are launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of the three products is up to the studio level

The dazzling features of Baby Bottle SL come from Blue’s proprietary hand-tuned sound-receiving head. The sturdy gold-plated polyester film diaphragm is designed with a machine-processed brass back plate to create its unique “warmth”. This is also the origin of the name Baby Bottle SL. The classic Class A fine circuit makes it the quietest microphone in its class. Baby Bottle SL is equipped with a new switchable 100Hz High pass filter (High-Pass Filter)with -20dB Signal attenuation (Pad, Regardless of the type of sound, instrument or environment, it can maintain a pure sound. Whether it is recording real singers, magnificent guitar amplifiers, drums and brass instruments, or recording detailed vocals, strings or piano, it can present a perfect masterpiece.

Baby Bottle SL is suitable for the use of various musical instruments to keep the pure sound and full audio of the instrument.


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