‘Blue Wave’ missing ‘Captain Chang’ duel ‘Takham Cold Storage’ if winning the Thai Futsal League championship immediately

‘Blue Wave’ missing ‘Captain Chang’ duel ‘Takham Cold Storage’ if winning the Thai Futsal League championship immediately

Futsal Thai League 2021/2022 Match Day 24 Competing at Indoor Stadium Huamark Saturday-Sunday January 22-23 with a total of 6 kicks, 1 match postponed, highlighting the pair to win the championship game on Saturday Between the deputy leader of the crowd “Thep Phrachai”, Tha Kham cold room, meets the leader of the group “Shark Table Lek”, Free Fire Blue Wave, Chonburi. The results meet in the first leg. Tha Kham cold room slashed to win 3-2, with this pair going to kick off at 12.30, live broadcast AIS PLAY, T-Sports 7.

The readiness of “Thep Phra Chai” cold room, Tha Kham, vice-leader with 54 points from the latest performance, won the Port Authority 5-2 in this game, “Coach Ae” Pattaya, the coach said that he did not put much pressure on it, even if it was a decisive match. that can decide the champion In the past, Tha Kham Cold Storage had won Chonburi many times and hoped it would happen again. Modern futsal, anything can happen. Can be released on all 3 sides. The player’s condition will not have influence. Rung Jaeng is banned. The other main characters are all together, led by defenders behind the bombing Prasilina, Cleeton Antunez and Wendel Mendes, the team’s top scorer with 17 goals

The first 5 players: Kraimat Srilapan (goalkeeper), Cleton Antunez, Wendel Mendes, Attawut Jangkot, Athipong Munplai

On the side of “small table sharks”, free fire, Blue Wave, Chonburi, the leader of the pack has 58 points, the latest work slashed Phetchaburi Rajabhat H3 came 3-2 in this game, if you win, will win the championship until the final two seasons close immediately. Carlos Cesar, the Spanish coach. Hope to clear my eyes from the first game And want to maintain an unbeaten statistic after 21 games, the player’s readiness condition is lacking Important keys such as “Captain Chang” Krisada Wongkaew, who are suspended and must check the injury of Apiwat Chaemcharoen, making this game still have to hope for Muhammad Usan Musa, the league’s top scorer. This time, 27 goals join forces with Brazil, Pelina and NETO.

The first 5 players who are expected to enter the field: Boriboon Klangla (goalkeeper), Pelinya, Ronnachai Jungwongsuk, Neto, Muhammad Usman Musa

As for Sunday, January 23, at 3:30 p.m., the battle to escape death, “Destroyer Bee” Nonthaburi, the 11th team with 22 points from 23 matches, enters the field to meet “Northeastern Owls”, the northeastern region, the 14th team with 12 points from 23. The results of the first leg meeting Northeastern University draws Nonthaburi 3-3. This pair is broadcast live AIS PLAY , T-Sports 7

Attaphon Tangrom, Coach and Player, Nonthaburi, lost 1-2 to Bangkok BTS in this game, said, “Every match is important, every point is very important to us. Every team has no one to give up. No matter what rank Athletes fought each other with our dignity. Worried about this judge The more the end of the season, the higher the concentration. Both the championship zone and the escape zone, I would like to say to Thai futsal fans. and fans of Nonthaburi Futsal Club Do not miss the game in the last curve. And encourage the referee as well.” In this game, Tirawat Wichangam will be released from the ban to help the team. The team has a point ahead of the last team to be relegated, like Bangkok City, at 5 points, with 3 games left.

The first 5 people in Nonthaburi will have Peeranat Singkham (keeper), Phacharanin Jindatham, Thirawat Wicha-ngam, Sae-Tang, Wittaya Dubpoo.

Surachai Boonrat, manager of Northeastern University, the latest game, won Bangkok City 1-0, giving him a chance to survive the relegation if he wins in the remaining 3 games and hopes for Kasem Bundit to lose the last 4 matches, including Bangkok City. Losing in the remaining 3 games will also make the northeastern region Will survive the relegation in the final game by the Northeastern MO, said: “Although our chances of survival are difficult But let’s put it in full in the remaining 3 games. I already told the kids. What will the result be? Let’s keep it for later. Let’s put it to the fullest as a secondary”, which in this match will be Thanakorn Piyapreechayuth. Freed from the penalty. Ban returned. But there will be no second-hand Dan, Amornchai Jaipam and Kiattisak Kantason, who have been banned.

The first 5 of the Northeastern University will be Charoenpong Prasarnsat (keeper), Thanakorn Piyaprichayuth, Alison Blanco, Saharat Phandee, Victor Acascio.

Program Futsal Thai League 2021/2022 Match Day 24 Saturday 22 Jan 65 Compete in 4 pairs
Time 09.30 Phetchaburi Rajabhat H3 meets NT live AIS PLAY
At 12.30, Tha Kham cold room meets Free Fire Blue Wave, Chonburi, live broadcast AIS PLAY, T-Sports 7
At 15.30 the Royal Navy meets the Port Authority live broadcast AIS PLAY T-Sports 7
At 6:30 p.m., Kasem Bundit meets Bangkok BTS, live broadcast AIS PLAY

As for Sunday, January 23, 65, there will be 2 matches.
At 12.30 Bangkok City meets Thammasat Stallion live broadcast AIS PLAY, T-Sports 7
At 15.30, Nonthaburi meets Northeastern University, live broadcast AIS PLAY, T-Sports 7
As for the Black Pearl United match against Surat Thani, the match has been postponed.



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