Bluebik is teaming up with OR to develop a comprehensive CRM system to improve the management of Amazon’s Café franchise system to increase future business opportunities.

Bluebik Group Public Company Limited or BBIK, a leading consulting service provider of integrated digital transformation services, in collaboration with PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR is upgrading and standardizing services and managing a franchise system for Cafe Amazon with the A state-of-the-art CRM or Customer Relationship Management system such as Salesforce, hoping to increase communication and service efficiency to satisfy coffee lovers. Willing to answer the use of communication and coordination between OR and franchise owners. This includes sales, service and marketing to create future business opportunities together. It is expected to start seeing results within the second quarter of 2023.

Mr. said continuously expanding branches domestically and internationally. Therefore, it is important to develop and establish standards for Amazon cafe management to support customer service efficiently. It also helps increase competitiveness with standardized services. We believe that if there is a relationship management CRM system that has been designed and developed to suit the business. is an important factor that helps support the expansion of the Amazon Cafe business to meet the goals set

“NEU collaborates with Bluebik to design and develop a CRM system to take care of the internal data connection between NEU and franchisees to be convenient and easy to use and support the OR work system to be ready to connect effectively with Salesforce technology , the world’s #1 CRM platform. which will be the result OR and franchise store owners can communicate and access information between each other more precisely and honestly. since reporting the problem Management of store information Pre-planning for stocking for holidays, sales, service and human resources. From the past, having to go through an intermediary such as an area manager in each branch (Area Manager) with different communication channels for chat applications But from now on there will be a system to link communication with the franchisee. Each individual is more specific and effective. In addition, in the future, OR can be used to analyze the data for expanding marketing channels or publishing promotions in accordance with the situation and behavior of consumers in each period to increase business opportunities as well,” said Mr . Somyot.

Mr. said Somyot further stated that OR and Bluebik have jointly developed and used a CRM system used to manage stores. The franchise has been in operation since May 2022 and is expected to be fully developed and operational within the second quarter of 2023. The applied CRM solution will cover three areas:

1) Sales work, the CRM system will increase the efficiency of the sales department. With a sales overview and promotions calendars in advance, employees can plan or schedule work. as well as promptly resolve operational issues stuck in the sales process. as well as being able to develop the potential of the sales job more precisely and faster

2) Service work, the CRM system will take care of various channel response system and serve with it. in convenient franchises such as Line applications (Line), email or franchise portals, etc. The system will record and forward issues to those involved in order to resolve issues. Improve service and sales to be more efficient and meet the needs of franchisees.

3) Communication and Marketing Cloud Marketing and Franchise Portals make communication between OR and All franchisees work together more convenient and efficient. The important thing is that it helps to manage the information more systematically. This means keeping historical records that you can return to whenever you want. This facilitates the work of the marketing department which is easy and convenient to access information for further marketing strategies.

Mr. Phachara Arayakarnkul, CEO of Bluebik Group Public Company Limited or BBIK, said that this collaboration between Bluebik and OR is an important step for both organizations. As well as helping to support the growth of the Amazon Cafe business, it also demonstrates the company’s expertise in CRM systems that cover services from design. development and administration The aim is to provide customers with the best and most suitable technology.

Recently, Bluebik has partnered with Salesforce Thailand by choosing a Salesforce solution to combine with its knowledge. Understanding of the business and technology sector to design and develop application guidelines to suit and meet specific customer requirements. to help improve the process of managing customer relationships to be the most effective Bluebik’s CRM consulting services focus on the design and development of software that must be able to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. to make the use more comfortable Bluebik also focuses on IT security and cyber security issues.

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