BMA is preparing to build at least 30 “baby sandboxes” by 2023

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Sanon Wangsangboon reveals that the capital is full of poor people, slums, and parents not ready to have children. Early childhood children do not have access to the education system for free, 15 for free, there are 63,997 children without a supervisory agency. In 2023, Bangkok’s goal is to create a “sandbox for young children” to create a model to develop the quality of a child development center in all dimensions.

“Monitoring and rehabilitation affects children in difficult conditions after the outbreak of COVID-19” and Bangkok policy monitoring and rehabilitation of the impact on children of difficult conditions after the outbreak of COVID-19 in collaboration between National Institute for Mahidol University Child and Family Development in collaboration with Bangkok Social Development Office, National Research Agency (NRCT) and Fair Education Fund (NorFor.) on January 27, 2023 at Maruay Garden Hotel, Phaholyothin Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok .

Mr.Sanon hopes to make merit The deputy governor of Bangkok said that there is health insurance for the care of children from the mother’s womb even in Thailand. There is a system to promote education froma small childFor 2 years, but in Bangkok, which is the most prosperous capital, there is a problem with the city’s poor and there is a difference in the care and education of young children, known asearly childhood

It was found that there are small children in poor families, slum communities, whose parents are not ready for many reasons, such as being teenagers, being a hidden population, living alone, drug addicts, families using violence , are shared. families falling out of health care in the health insurance system Unable to access the free 15 free study system

Many people, many families are unable to make it. or not eligible for the Neonatal Subsidy Scheme or other government poverty assistance programmes especially during the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected these poor children and families more

Bangkok Therefore, in collaboration with the National Research Agency Educational Equity Fund and Mahidol University track this problem The aim is to develop a system for finding, screening and helping early childhood children at home. Mitigate the suffering of COVID-19 and prevent the impact on health, development, learning potential. and children’s long-term behaviour

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok declared that Bangkok had establishedSub-Committee on Development of Preschool and Early Childhood Care Centers in Bangkok District by combining the power of cooperation from different organizations from the Association Professor Dr Adisak print output Director of the National Institute for Child and Family Development also an honor to be a director for two main aims:

1. Improving the quality of learning management in the Bangkok Child Development Center. and developing the skills of teachers who look after children That is not limited to bodies under BMA responsibility, 278 childcare centres, 18,864 people, located in just 45 areas out of the BMA’s total of 50 of areas. But there must be a way to support centers in communities that have not been established and help the other 63,997 children in Bangkok who do not yet know what affiliation they are under their care. According to the survey of the Bangkok Strategy and Evaluation Office since 2021

2. Follow a group of poor children in difficult situations Support the development of the workforce and capabilities of people in the community who work with children and families with difficult conditions. provide knowledge and skills in surveillance and care, rehabilitation and prevention of children in difficult conditions and will expand this operation to include all areas Includes all children in difficult situations

However, BMA needs to adapt various regulations. which is a limitation for the center to be able to take care of children fully and with quality such as

  1. modify the center’s status to be more independent in order to be able to manage itself more
  2. adjust the status of teachers to gain skills and receive appropriate compensation;
  3. Adjust subsidies for food, milk and learning equipment for individual children to be suitable and sufficient To begin with, the BMA has adjusted the regulations for food and milk subsidies for children per day from 20 baht to 32 per person per day Learning equipment / skill improvement from 100 baht to 600 baht per person per year
  4. Restructure the management of child development centers under the supervision of the Community Development Department, Regional Office, which specializes in welfare support rather than learning management. It must be a point of contact for volunteers. Ysgol Feithrin To be an integrated team in the area to promote learning for early childhood children.

Within 2023, the BMA intends to trial the development of a pre-school child development center through the mechanism Sandbox or “Baby sandbox” at least 30​ in collaboration with partner organisations, including the Health Promotion Fund (SorSor), the Education Equity Fund (FFE), Rakluke Learning Group, Mahidol University’s National Institute for Child and Family Development, Institute for Child Development and r Organization for Slum Child Care

“Creating a model for developing the quality of a child development center in all dimensions from 2 to 8 years of age to be ready for health development. learning potential and desirable behavior of children To grow up together, as normal children and children in dysfunctional families. both normal and various social crises,” the deputy governor of Bangkok concluded.


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