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BMA launches the first BMV mobile vaccination vehicle, piloting at risk groups

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08 September 2021 – 15:02

BMA launches the first BMV mobile vaccination vehicle, piloting at risk groups hoping to reduce travel Avoiding Covid-19

Today (8 September 64) at 10:00 am, Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang, Governor of Bangkok, traveled to Thep Naree Temple, Bang Phlat District to launch a mobile vaccination vehicle or Bkk Mobile Vaccination Unit: BMV, which is a pilot. Vaccinate to at-risk groups who are still missing. not vaccinated by the community of Wat Thepnaree, Bang Phlat, pilot injection of people in the elderly group 60 years and over Chronic patients 7 disease groups Pregnant women including bed-ridden patients, the handicapped and those who cannot travel for vaccination by themselves, amounting to 100 people

The Bangkok governor said that the vaccine has been allocated by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). The BMV has the potential to inject and aim to inject at 1,000 people per day, using only 5-6 people per day. Only days in the injection, which is different from the general service point. Pol Gen Asawin also said that for vaccination on the car like this Has been used in foreign countries such as England and Bangkok has brought the public. to modify the interior of the car to be a place for vaccinations with medical equipment and emergency equipment that can be vaccinated safely The same as the standard in the hospital Make vaccination accessible to people with travel restrictions or those who are most inconvenient to go for vaccinations at regular times to increase the chances of accessing more vaccines

On the side, Dr. Pakphum Dechhasdin or Doctor Lab Panda has stated that the vaccine storage that the BMV has a mobile refrigerator for storing vaccines. and if the weather heats up There are two moving air conditioners on the car as well. Causing the storage of vaccines is a problem in any way. Bangkok There are about 7 cars, formerly a mobile health check vehicle. From now on, the project will be expanded to increase the chances of public access to vaccines.

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