Home News BMA prepares to expedite negotiations to purchase ‘Moderna’ injecting it for the city people to clarify the conflicting drama with the Ministry of Health.

BMA prepares to expedite negotiations to purchase ‘Moderna’ injecting it for the city people to clarify the conflicting drama with the Ministry of Health.

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BMA prepares to expedite negotiations to purchase ‘Moderna’ injecting it for the city people to clarify the conflicting drama with the Ministry of Health. Tomorrow, I will go to vaccinate 221 temples, not just monks-undertakers.

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At 11:00 a.m. on July 29 at the Bangkok City Hall, Pol. Col. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, spokesman for Bangkok, together with Dr. Suksan Kittisupakorn, Director of the Medical Office, Dr. Panrudee Manomaiphiboon Director of the Department of Health and Bangkok executives Press conference summarizing the management of the corona virus 2019 or COVID-19 outbreak in Bangkok area via Cisco Webex Meetings system

Police Lieutenant Pongsakorn said that the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 in Bangkok area Considered quite a crisis since the beginning of July. In the last 1-2 days, the number of infected people has increased by more than 3,000 per day. Bangkok is trying to suppress the number of infected people as much as possible. by lockdown measures also considered necessary according to academic and medical principles to reduce the movement of people reduce infection

Police Lieutenant Pongsakorn continued that the worker’s camp care Even after the end of the camp closing measures Bubble and Seal measures must be taken as before to reduce workers’ exposure to outsiders. to prevent further outbreaks. If an outbreak occurs, it must consult the CCA. to issue overall measures

Vaccination for high-risk groups in order are medical personnel, the foundation, monks and undertakers, some of whom have injected The BMA is trying to publicize and on July 30, the BMA will begin to publicize. to get vaccinated for 221 measurements and increase the next week. which is not just an undertaker But it is everyone involved in the cremation process. Including those involved in other religious ceremonies as well. It is also trying to spread awareness to temples in case of cremation of people infected with COVID-19. which at present most of the temples are quite understandable and ready to proceed with cremation.

“What is the problem with the BMA and the Ministry of Public Health? Confirm that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Ministry of Health have been working together all along. in case of news quarreled with the Ministry of Health, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has already explained that How many vaccinations did Bangkok receive? The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has been allocated vaccines. AstraZeneca In the doctor system with 1,220,000 doses, it is a process that is done with the Ministry of Health.”

Therefore, there will be a registration of both agencies. In this number, more than 30,000 doses are used for injection, bed-ridden patients. Stay home and get vaccinated From the Thai Ruamjai project, only 680,000 doses and in 1-2 days will be cut to vaccinate patients in the community for about 30,000 doses. This is the total number received.

As for the number of 700,000 doses, what is it? Received from the Thai Ruamjai project is at 680,000 doses, which every time the vaccine from the Thai Ruam Jai project is used, there must be a resolution from the Prof. as well as how much to be injected.

The reporter asked Is it possible in Bangkok? Will buy the vaccine itself, Pol Col. Pongsakorn said that the Ministry of Health is divided into 2 groups: vaccines provided by the state. and alternative vaccines BMA is ready and has purchased some alternative vaccines. like Sino Farm Used for injection in bedridden patients. And in the process of discussing the procurement of Moderna in the next step, the distribution of vaccines. There will be no plan adjustments.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has always followed the policy. Accelerate the injection of the elderly and 7 disease groups and those at risk And there is a target for injections to cover 70 percent, which the potential of the injection center is 7-8 ten thousand per day. If we get more vaccines, we have the potential to inject more.

“As for the group who waited to inject a large number of Bang Sue Central Station until the picture was congested. In this part, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration can help or not. BMA is just one committee for distributing vaccines. It does not have the power to decide who will receive the vaccine. BMA is ready to assist in vaccination in Bang Sue Central Station. which has a picture of congestion and may be at risk of spreading But at the discretion of the Ministry of Health. which is believed to be the most expert in epidemic control. and know how the vaccine distribution and administration should be in order not to spread Bangkok may not be able to order instead. because there is no power,” said Police Capt. Pongsakorn.

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