BMW, second in number of recalls for the last 5 years, Benz…

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According to the result of a survey, the number of recalls of three cars imported from Germany, including BMW Korea, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen Korea, was the highest in the past five years.

Park Sang-hyeok, a member of the Land Transport Committee of the National Assembly, said on the 21st that BMW Korea had the highest number of recalls with 2,702 as a result of analyzing the number of recalls over the past five years, collected by the Recall Center Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Motors today (21st).

The number of people who are recalled is a count of the number who are recalled for the same reason on a given day by type of vehicle.

BMW Korea recalled 417 times in 2018, 684 times in 2019, 527 times in 2020, and 703 times last year, excluding 2020.

This year, in August, the number was 371.

Following that, Mercedes-Benz was second and third with 1,555 times over five years, and Volkswagen Korea with 467 over five years, respectively.

The number of Mercedes-Benz recalls per year is 302 in 2018, 216 in 2019, 234 in 2020, and 545 last year.

In August this year, 258 recalls have been implemented.

Volkswagen Korea recorded 107 times in 2018, 58 times in 2019, 115 times in 2020, 85 times last year, and 102 times until August this year.

In the past five years, the number of recalls by five domestic automakers was highest for Hyundai Motor (162 times, 5th), followed by Kia (96 times, 9th), GM Korea (51 times, 19th), and Renault Korea (34). times, 21st.) Above), followed by Ssangyong Motor (8th, 34th).

In terms of recalls, Hyundai Motor had the most recalls with 4,452,941 units, followed by Kia (2,853,264), BMW Korea (1,431,830), Mercedes-Benz (736,757), and GM Korea (729,973), Renault Korea (3839 ). units), and Ssangyong (181,275).

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