Boarded an ambulance to pay his last respects to Vaughn: German woman | Shane Warne, German Woman

Bangkok: An anonymous German woman has mysteriously entered the ambulance carrying the body of Australian cricket legend Shane Warne. The German woman said that she was a big fan of Shane Warne and that she got into the ambulance to pay her last respects to the star.

According to some international media reports, Barbara is a German woman who has been living in Thailand for two years. They were questioned by Thai police in connection with the incident.

Barbara was rushed by ambulance as Shane Warne’s body was being transported from a hospital on Ko Samui Island to the city of Surat Thani. It is alleged that it was a security breach that allowed them to board the ambulance. Barbara arrived at the ambulance with a Thai woman with flowers in her hand when the ambulance carrying Vaughn’s body was stopped for boarding. After talking to the ambulance driver, they got inside.

The young woman was inside the Barbara ambulance for about 40 seconds. They were detained by Thai police on suspicion of trespassing on Shane Warne’s body.

‘I’m a big fan of his. His death is absolutely tragic. “I went there to pay my last respects to him with a few flowers,” Barbara told Sky News.

‘It’s sad to hear that it’s a security breach. But he did not go there with the intention of making something bad happen and got into the ambulance and paid his last respects to him. It’s because of him. Isn’t he a great player ‘- Barbara pointed out.

English Summary: German woman at centre of Thailand security breach reveals why she entered van transporting Shane Warne’s body

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