Bobae Capital Group pushes ‘Bobae Station’ to wake up the legendary fashion wholesale business for 20 years

A 100 year old trading treasure with the Bobae area A source of famous fashion clothes from the past. Especially in its heyday of being a jeans wholesale center in 1972 where students were popular for wearing jeans, which in 2023 is being revived again. From the Bobae Capital Group’s investment by the Amber Land Company to build a new wholesale-retail center. “Bo Bay Station” has announced the progress of opening this shopping center. ready to open the first phase on March 30, 2023

Mr Surapong Bunthuseranee The director of Amber Land Co., Ltd., manager of the Bobae Station shopping centre, said that the founder of Amber Land Company I already live in the Bobae area. therefore bring the existing area and it has not yet been brought to commercial development to build a new wholesale-retail shopping center ready to choose to invest in construction during the COVID situation Because the company is ready to invest and has confidence in potential and the location of Bobae. Including being confident that the domestic economy will continue to grow well on an ongoing basis

However, the progress of the service opening is scheduled to open Bobae Station Shopping Center The first stage on March 30, 2023 is established as a wholesale retail center. Big fashion items A collection of Thai fashion shops and famous restaurants

In the first phase, a group of restaurants will be drawn to open for service in the plaza, a total of 20 shops, with restaurants open from 12:00 am to 3:00 pm to serve clothing business customers. and fashion goods that will come to use the service in the area Due to the Bobae wholesale market Customers will start entering the area from midnight, so opening the food zone at that time supports customers who will go into the area and in this area, the shopping center is not yet open at this time.

Mr Piamsak Potchapornkul The Bobae Station project manager said that the Bobae market during the last 20-30 years has been fairly slow. Because there are many factors that affect and also from the overview of the shops in the area that still focus on selling clothing products in the original form Unlike other commercial areas that is constantly changing and creating new things caused the management team to want Bobae Station By investing in a major new project in the area worth 120 million baht, it will help stimulate this commercial area. Come back to being vibrant and alive again.

Bobae Capital Group pushes 'Bobae Station' to wake up the legendary fashion wholesale business for 20 years
At the same time, the Bobae area is undergoing a major renovation project along the Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem canal to make it more beautiful. As a project from Bangkok, it has become a new tourist attraction that is pleasant to walk and travel. Supports Thai and foreign customers For Bobae Station Shopping Center It is in the area adjacent to Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem. Allowing tourists to choose to use the electric boat service. to come to shop, buy clothes and travel in the Bobae area Including being able to travel in the surrounding area, which is the White Bridge, which is the fruit picking area and the Mahanak Canal It is a source of cosmetic products.

“During the past a group of customers who come to buy goods in the area. There are two groups of Thai customers. people in the states and foreigners who come to choose products to export abroad The Bobae area is a comprehensive clothing store and offers more value than other shopping areas.”

The next stage of Bobae Station’s expansion plans will include the opening of 200 fashion stores which are leased to customers. The Bobae Station shopping center is intended to be open 24 hours a day, collecting both fashion clothing. The two wholesale-retail stores have a food zone in the plaza Availability of space for stock Have a source of financial transactions Availability of parking spaces and convenient use of washrooms. The most complete range in this area.

“I want Bobae Station. become a new meeting place during the night of Bangkok which will stimulate the Bobae area Become a modern area and attract more new generations to come to the area. Both come in to buy clothes or do business in the area From the past, the group of people who come to buy goods are the same as those who already do the clothes business.”

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