Bobcat pulls the squirrel across the bedrooms being examined by Florida families

Michelle Kloese, of Punta Gorda, Florida, had a leading seat and took action on his phone and sent it to Facebook with the heading "he woke up until he pursued the squirrel on our lanai screen." The cat can be seen climbing to the top of the structure, then slowly crossing towards the unexpected squirrel.

Kloese says that the bobcat has previously been seen in his yard with his parents. While it was exciting to watch their first single debt, she is worried that he will continue to climb the lanai screen as it gets more. She told WINK news, "I hope it will not fall through the screen!"

Unfortunately, the screen, and the squirrel, hit it in one piece this time. The squirrel pointed out that the predator had just killed her and knocked out, rapidly making close tree safety. Based on the movie, it seems that the bobcat did not get breakfast. After checking the tree briefly, the feline can be seen by sulking away empty-handed.

Practicing seems to be a little longer.

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