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Smartphones have many emoticons, but there are many emoticons that are not standard on iPhones and Androids. This time, we will pick up and introduce the trembling emoticons among them. We also present recommended copies.

How to put out shaking emoticons and special characters

First, how do you put out the shaking emoticons and special characters?

Let’s look at how to display shake emoticons and special characters for each device.

Android version

On Android,

  1. copy emoticons
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Tap the setting icon of the IME you are using from “Language and input”
  4. Tap “Dictionary / Phrase / My Collection” → “Dictionary Utility”
  5. Tap “New registration” from the menu icon
  6. Register emoticons in “words” and the language to use in “readings”
  7. Tap “Register”

all right.

iPhone edition

On an iPhone,

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap “General” → “Keyboard” → “User Dictionary”
  3. Tap the “+” icon.
  4. Put the emoticon in “word” and the reading in “reading”

all right.

It is recommended to search for the trembling emoticon with Simeji

Now you can register a shaking emoticon.

However, many of you may be wondering, “Where do you find the shaking emoticon?”

For those people, we recommend the Simeji app.

Simeji is a treasure trove of emoticons

Simeji is a popular keyboard application that allows you to change the keyboard background image.

A large number of emoticons are already installed in Simeji, and if you enter characters without manual registration, emoticons will be displayed in predictive conversion.

for that reason,It is calculated that thousands of emoticons can be installed in an instant just by installing and applying Simeji.

again,Simeji has many emoticons that can be installed later, so we recommend installing them once.

Presented in this articleMany emoticons from Gakugakuburuburu are also published.

Click here for Simeji.

It is recommended to copy and paste the Gaku Gaku Buru Buru emoticon list

From here, I will present a list of recommended copy and paste gaku gaku buru buru emoticons.

Emoticons with jerky burble characters

Firstly,It’s an emoticon with gaku gaku buru buru characters.

Gag gag (((;゚Д゚)))

rattle ((´・Д・`))) jiggle

wobble ((;Pep;)) wobble

Gaku (((;゚Д゚))) Bull

shaky ((;FromO))

rattling ((゚Д゚))) rattling

rattle (((;゚;Д;゚;))) rattle

swing ((=ω=))) swing

Gagbul ((ノ)゚Д゚(ヽ)) Gagbul

Purupuru ((; ゚д゚;))) puripuru



((p*Owo*q)) jiggle

(((;゚D゚))))Gag gag

: (((;”°;ω°;)):Meaning: Gag gag gag gag

: (((;”°;ω°;)):Meaning: Gag gag gag

(((;´).oh`))))Gag gag

(((n;’Д’))hGag gag

(((;´).oh`))))Gag gag

(((;゜D))))Gag gag

|qd°`)))feather feather

(((=ω=)))feather feather

:;((•)));:feather feather

((((;´•ω•`)))feather feather

(‘oh。`))feather feather

(()))feather feather

(((;゚D;゚;))))Bobble bumble ~

(´d)) feather feather

(((>_<)))feather feather

Gag gag(( ;゚D゚)))feather feather


(((;゚D゚))))Gag gag burst

Gag gag:(´◦ω◦):feather feather


(((;´).oh`))))Gag gag burst

;:(`):;blue gag

Gag gag((((°°;))))feather feather

_:(‘` ):_ Gagbul


(( ˙-˙ )))Gagbul

Gaku((oh*))A bull

( ( ¯• •¯ ))Gagbul

(((;゚D゚))))))) gkbr

Gag gag(( ;゚D゚)))feather feather

(( ゚d゚ ;)))Gagbul


(((;゚D゚))))Gag gag burst

((( ;゚D゚)))Gagbul

(((;´).oh`))))Gag gag burst

gak((•)))A bull


((;゚D゚)Gag gag burst

(((°°; )))wow wow wow

((;゚D゚)))feather feather



;:(`):;blue gag

( •́ω•̀ )Gagbul

:;((°о°);:Gag gag

:((((;”°;o°;)):Gag gag

((( ̻̿̿))))Gag gag burst



((((; ≡д≡;i))))Gag gag burst

: (((;”°;ω°;)):Meaning: Gag gag gag gag


sway ((;Pepu;)) wobble





There are many other emoticons with gaku gaku buru buru characters, so look for them.

Emoticons without jerky burble letters

continue,It’s an emoticon without jerky characters.

🙁 ◦ω◦):




: (´ºωº):


_: (‘ω` ):_

(((((((˙). ˙ ))))))))))


_: (‘` ):_

: ( :*’o’*):





: (´°°`):

:;(  )));:



::( ‘-‘ ::






_: (‘B` ):_

₍₍ ( ‾᷄‾᷅ ) ₎₎

: (´ºωº):

_: (‘` ):_



: (‘°ω° ):



_: (‘-` ):_



🙁 ˊˆohˆˋ ):





(ᵒ̴̶̷᷄1̑ ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )


₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄‾᷅)̧̢ ₎₎


: (´°д°`):


🙁 ‘°ω° ):

(((a hundred°`)))))





🙁 ᵒ̴̶̷᷄ ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ ):

: (‘•ω( •ω•`):


₍₍ ( ‾᷄‾᷅ ) ₎₎




(ृ )



₍₍ (¯¯ ) ₎₎




_(‘` ):_…


_(‘Δ` ):

(((((((˙). ˙ ))))))))))

_( B`):_


(ृ⁰́⁰̀ )

(ृ `ω’ )




This is itIt’s a convenient emoticon without jerky characters, and adding it to the end of a word will liven up the conversation, so try using it.

List of shaking emoticons other than Gakugakuburuburu

Earlier, I introduced a shaking emoticon.

From here, I will present a list of trembling emoticons other than gakugakuburuburu.

fat emoticons

Firstly,Purupuru emoticons.

((( ˙-˙ ))))jiggling

_:(‘Θ’ ):_jiggling



:;(ɔ °Ө° c));: lead

((( ˙-˙ ))))jiggle jiggle jiggle

(((˙ ˙ )))))jiggle jiggle jiggle

:(*˙˙* ): lead

…: (´◦ω◦):lead

🙁 ):lead

lead (‘ohohohohoh`))lead

: (›´ω`‹):…lead

Remove(the same thing◉`)Remove

_: (‘he’ ):_lead


It can be used with the same meaning as gakugakuburuburu.

Shaking emoticons

continue,It’s a rattled emoticon.

Kata(((꒪꒫꒪ ))))Kata

(((;゚D;゚;))))clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter



ranting🙁ˊ◦ω◦ˋ( |⊂ )Meaning: Kyu!

(((((; • ̀d•́)))))shocking rant

f🙁 ◦ω◦f):ranting


a wall|D°;)))))clatter clatter



shocking rant(((꒪꒫꒪ ))))shocking rant

…(((( )))))))etched rant

…(((( )))))))etched rant

ranting: (_;´д`;) :_Clatter…

This rattle can also be used with the same meaning as jerky.

emoticon with a cold expression

continue,It’s an emoticon with a cold expression.



//((‘d)) A bull

cold itch(((‘ω’))))cold itch

。゚。゚寒(no)Oh'()It’s cold

(´d)) feather featherSam

₍₍ ( ˃͈ ˂͈ ) ₎₎ Samui



((( ゚D゚))))Samu




༄༅༄༅₍₍ ( ˃͈ ˂͈ ) ₎₎ Samui

cold:;((• •));::

Although the meaning is different from the previous gak gaku buruburu, it can be used in the same way as gak gaku buruburu in the sense that it is cold and shivering.


This time, I introduced how to make a shaking emoticon.

The shaking emoticons are presented on various websites, and you can use them just by copying and pasting them.

However, if it’s troublesome to copy and paste every shaking emoticon, we recommend using a keyboard app called Simeji.

With thousands of shivering emoticons already installed, there is no need to install manually.

It saves you the trouble of copying and pasting, so if you want to use shaking emoticons, you need to install it.

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