Bodyslam reveals souvenirs for the concert “Loei” This event, the “Toon” steering wheel is so familiar that it has to zoom!

After Toon-Artiwara Kongmalai, a member of Bodyslam, received a souvenir from a fan. He is a toy loader for his son.Recently, Bodyslam has received souvenirs from fans at every peak event, most recently, Toon and the band members received souvenirs known to be familiar.

Toon posted a photo of himself and bandmates performing in concert with the caption, “7/11/2022…yesterday…with a familiar shape from the garland. Thank you to all the fans who came out “Loei” to cheer us on…I want to say that last night was another fun and it really impressed me.” The picture above is a work Jetsada bear Band photographer with account holder mhee.jedsada

As for Chat-Suchatti’s side, Chan-Eed and Yod Thanachai Tantrakul He then revealed a picture of the souvenir with the caption, “Last night’s concert, “Nong Yodchat” Pipo got back to eat it too, sweet Jeab” too, until many people commented.

Bodyslam are currently preparing for their 8th album and concert tour. Before that, they had just performed at a concert. Thai Life Assurance Presents The Gentlemen Alive


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