Boeknet ‘3 inches’ again, ‘Dr. Newydd’ opens the document of the year 16 of His Majesty the King’s royal merit. King Gustav VI Adolf

‘Dr. New’ Boeknet ‘3 inch-Somsak Jeam’ once again opens the year 16 document of the ceremony of making royal merit of King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden as well as a mourning ceremony in front of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

21 September 2022 – After Dr Supanut Apinyarn or Dr New, a researcher under the MAST Center and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA, opened a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development of the United Kingdom or Overseas., the Office of the Commonwealth and Development (FCDO) has sent invitations to embassies from various countries around the world, including Thailand. to attend the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Recently, Dr. Supanut also posted a message through Facebook that

Not only the King, but government officials and the public in general. as well as tourists from all over the world who have stopped by to visit Wat Phra Kaew They paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during 19-25 September 2022.

Also, Somsak Jeam didn’t do any homework, just made collages every day. False rumors are randomly debunked, although this type of incident has happened before in 1973 in the case of King Gustav VI Adolf, King of Sweden.

In fact, if Somsak Jeam’s three-fingered disciples knew to find fault, to question, to ask for evidence from the collage, to think for themselves, they were still thinking. False rumors from the most empty prophet with dignity Ensure that the three finger cult is likely to disappear immediately.

And this is not the first time that Somsak Jeamhua Krian refused to do his homework until he was caught by Professor Supanut. Also when asked about old homework Dozens of excellent pieces Somsak Jeam was silent. But secretly gossiping about Teacher Supanut behind his back without daring to face him. And close the escape tag also Somsak Jeamteerasakul

In addition, every time Supanut called to meet in the teacher’s room. (Live broadcast debate) Dr. only looked at the teacher’s attitude. Somsak Jeam secretly. And then wait for the opportunity and opportunity to gossip about the teacher behind his back. He’s just a troll kid who’s good at acting. But when he was called to a meeting in the teacher’s room I was scared until I peed.

for this time Professor Supanut would like to thank Professor The METTAD who was caught saying that Somsak Jeam refused to do his homework until he failed his exam again.

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