Boeknet obviously, Rak Kaew, a drama that reflects the lives of women who love women, how much is the rating?

The first episode was broadcast on the evening of October 20, 2022 for Rak Kaew on Channel 3 From the organizer of the drama, Spicy Flavor, P’ Chod Saithip, with the presentation of the distorted view of Rangrong’s (Chris Horwang) love with Roithongsai (Kao Suphatsara) when love is not wrong, no matter who or what gender But it is wrong that she chooses the wrong way to love and gives love to the wrong person. with two young heroes Peach Phachara, Louis Scott and top performers

The debut EP is splashing with excitement, it doesn’t hold back according to the changing trend guidelines of 2018. It’s called stress and climax until the audience can barely stop to breathe. The first score summary was released in 1.8.
Apparently, if the spicy is maintained with every drop like the first one, it has the right to rise again.