Bogeumjari Special Loan Exceeds Annual Delivery Target by a third in 3 weeks of launch by Hankyung

© Reuters. Bogeumjari Loan Special, Exceeds Annual Delivery Target by 1/3 Within 3 Weeks of Launch

Photo = Yonhap News The size of the ‘Bogeumjari Special Loan’, a fixed rate policy mortgage that lends up to 500 million won at a minimum annual rate of 3.25% regardless of income for houses below 900 million achieved, achieved 3 minutes of 1 year supply target within 3 weeks of launch exceeded 1 of

According to data presented by Representative Choi Seung-jae of People’s Power on the 19th from the Korea Housing Finance Corporation, the cumulative amount of special nesting loan applications until the 17th was calculated at 14,501.1 billion (63,491 cases). Since its release on the 30th of last month, 36.6% of the one year supply target (39.6 trillion won) was requested on the 19th (15 business days).

Of the total number of applications (63,491), 57.9% (36,786) were investigated in order to repay existing loans. Buying a new house accounted for 34.2% (21,682 cases) and 7.9% (523 cases) of paying back a rental deposit.

However, many analysts say it is unclear whether this success will continue. This is because the interest rate competitiveness of Bogeumjari special loans is declining as the interest rate for borrowing money has recently reached the 3% range, which is only focused on Internet banks.

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The special Bogeumjari Loan will also be available on the loan comparison platform.

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