Boise group is asking for library, stadium votes

If it is on its way, Vote working together with Boise Working Together will plan a proposed sports venue and downtown Boise library.

The non-profit group believes that people should have the right to have their say on where their money goes.

Approximately two dozen people gathered on Saturday afternoon on the southern lawn of the D.L. Evans Bank before he begins to get the necessary signatures to put some initiatives on the upcoming November ballot.

Both the stadium and the library would require the approval of voters who require 5,000 signatures to vote.

The library project has already been approved by local government entities, and the stadium is still a project stage. As now, they do not need to have a public vote.

“It is so important to involve people in their government. And it seems that the government in general is saying,, No, no, wait out, '' said state Rep. John Gannon, Boise Democrat. “And I don't think that's good. I don't think that's healthy. ”

The library, which is intended to ignore the Boise River, is expected to cost $ 85 million, and the proposed stadium on the south side of Main Street between Pillbaun Park and 27 West End Street is budgeted for. , about $ 40 million, per previous US Reporting time.

When projects are scrapped to cost a significant amount of money, Gannon believes that people should have a say.

“These initiatives are part of democracy and community participation, and are as important as living in America,” said Gannon. “Some of America's lives are taking people into their governments.” T

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “constitutional law or amendment brought by citizens through a petition process for the legislature or directly to voters is an initiative.” T

There are only 24 states that allow ballot projects, which allow citizens to put public interest measures on a ballot for public voting because they have the necessary support, the Initiative and the Referendum Institute say.

Projects require a simple majority to pass once on the ballot, and the signatures must be collected by 30 April to be placed on the ballot.

Attendees to assist with collecting signatures included Adelia Simplot, who acts as president of the board for Boise Working Together. The Simplot is not against a new library; she's going to the library since she was 4 years old, she said.

However, she believes that the views of the residents should apply.

“I think what we are looking for is how quickly this happened without the people who influence them,” said Simplot. “When we try to go to the city and get a reply, we seem to stop them out.


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