Bokashi buckets now used to treat garden waste : Nattu Visesham

Bokashi buckets to handle garden waste

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 12:42 AM IST

Kanhangad: Even if there is no place for waste treatment, now Kanhangat Naga Do not be afraid of Ravasis. Bokashi bucket scheme as a solution to Yumai Kanhangad City Council’s waste management problem. Composting garden waste easily using a bucket This can be done with a Bokashi bucket. The Bokashi V Municipal Bucket is included in the annual plan. Make the choice.
Bokashi bucket distribution for 1000 families in Kanhangad Municipal Council Do what you want. Customers have to pay ten percent of the price. The remaining 90 percent will be borne by the municipality, the organic waste is kept in buckets Bokashi is a method of adding bacteria to the soil. A new way of turning garden waste into fertilizer through Bokashi Another feature of this is that it does not have a bad smell. Ki is a bucket, waste press and sieve for collecting waste. Lactobacillus bacteria is the main ingredient for making Bokashi This beneficial fine powder is also available with the bucket. It is used to turn waste into compost. Powder should be added in proportion to the amount of waste to be discharged. It is these bacteria that help make compost odorless. .

To make compost, first put the sugar cane in the bucket. Cover it with a strainer. Later, organic waste can be disposed of. Compost is ready if the bucket is full of residue closed for 15 days without air passing through. Vegetable waste, food scraps, egg etc. Bokashi You can put it in No liquids. In the first stage, the fermentation process takes place without aeration.
Compost in solid form and tap the bottom of the bucket. The concentrated liquid can also be used as an insecticide. The cost of a Bokashi bucket is Rs 2800. Rs 12 lakh has been earmarked for the project. The municipality will prepare the list of beneficiaries by the end of this month. .
Easy and proper composting of farm waste Can be done through a Bokashi bucket. Closer to those who live in small places in the city council, cultivating the lines creates Buddhimuttu. As an answer to this, a plan has been devised, said the Chairman of the City Council, KV Sujatha.

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