Bolte meets 2,000 points in a 75-71 Concord game over the State of West Virginia Sports

ATHENS – Tommy Bolte, a senior concord, rescued his 2,000 year-old college degree on Wednesday, and Jorge Rodgers met the 3-point staff with 1.8 seconds left to the Mountain Levels which rises 75-71 hardly over West Virginia State at Carter Center.

The crowd went home at a time when Bolte dropped free of charge at the 14:04 marks of the second half to become a sixth Concord basketball player to reach 2,000 points, with the first being added to 400 rebounds plus and by helping 400 plus that score score.

Bolte went 14 out of 26 from the floor and scored 35 points, eighty eight and helped Concord (18-9, 13-8 Mountain East). Simun Kovac had double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds, and David Mulumba also had 10 points for CU.

Rodgers played 11 salmon in the game and lost them all until they got the range from the right corner of the game in the 71-71 game. He was fun and spent free throwing to the final edge of victory.

West Virginia State (12-15.9-12) received 22 points and nine quotes from Isaiah Noel and 19 points from Ernest Jenkins.

Left Noel with 8:02 left the Yellow Jackets at 63-57 lead, but Kovac responded to just five points to close the gap to one point and set up time.

Bolte and Jafar Musa were honored, two more teams, before the point.

Women's Game

WV State 91, Concord 79

West Virginia Concord was surprised by a 91-79 victory in the women's competition on Wednesday.

The Yellow Jackets (6-20, 5-15) were strong in the middle of two-quarters of the game to take control and Concord's senior night spoiled (21-5, 16-4).

There were 20 points, 12 rebounds, he was assisted and led by Peadar Emily Boothe, senior, of his home town's most likely home game. There were 17 points, seven rebounds and he helped Madison May. Senators Andreanna Pool and Courtney White had 14 and six points respectively.

The Lionsa Mountain came within six points, 77-71, on a base line jumper by May 8:45 to go in the game, but the goal of a 6-a-17 field goal was to be used using the CU in the final period.

The visitors rounded 57-43 round edge and nurtured 23 Concord rails.

In the case of West Virginia State, 23 points and Charity Spears were 14 yellow points.

Earlier the day, the NCAA announced that Concord had risen to the eighth place in the official rankings of Division II of the Atlantic.

The Lens Mountain adds up to its regular season Saturday at UVa-Wise.


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