Bomb Attack Thwarted at Pattani’s Sepak Takraw Center: Rebels Suspected

On September 1, 2023 at 6:55pm, an alarming incident took place in Pattani as an attempt to instigate violence unfolded. An unidentified culprit aimed to cause havoc by utilizing a pipe bomb, targeting the action center where Hundred Por, a local school, is located. Their nefarious plan, however, fell short as the bomb failed to detonate and harm Officer Decha Boon.

At 5:30pm on the same day, the authorities were alerted by a ranger officer about the attacker’s intention to throw a grenade at the base of operations, situated in Paku Sub-District, specifically at 4409 Moo 1. Responding promptly, Colonel Jirawat Duding, Superintendent of Thung Yang Daeng Police Station in Pattani Province, swiftly arrived at the scene along with an explosive disposal unit to conduct a thorough investigation.

Upon arrival, officials discovered that the area surrounding the Sepak Takraw field inside the mall had been cordoned off as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, the bombs tossed by the assailants had failed to detonate, enabling a successful recovery operation. After close examination, it was determined that the recovered device was a pipe bomb, still in a ready-to-use condition. However, due to a malfunctioning circuit, the bomb remained inert. The authorities decided to retain the bomb as evidence for further analysis of latent fingerprints.

Further investigation preceding the incident revealed that while officers were conducting their routine duties in the center, and some engaging in a game of sepak takraw on the field, an unlawful individual had illicitly entered the nearby Ban Padae Palas Community School. The assailant’s intent was to hurl a bomb into the center, endangering the officers’ lives. Fortunately, the defective nature of the bomb resulted in no casualties. Authorities strongly believe that this act of terrorism was carried out by rebel forces seeking to disrupt the peace and stability of the region.

[Insert Title]: Pattani Averted Disaster as Bombing Attempt Fails at Local Action Center

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1 September 2023 at 6:55pm.

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Pattani is troubled again The villain tried to cause the crime by using a pipe bomb. Throwing into the action center, Hundred Por was found. 4409 smuggles to school. before throwing a bomb hoping to hurt officer Decha Boon, the circuit doesn’t quite work.

At 5:30 pm on September 1, 2023, the Pol was informed. Col. Jirawat Duding, Superintendent of Thung Yang Daeng Police Station, Pattani Province, from a ranger officer that an attacker tried to cause an attack by throwing a grenade. base of operation, 4409 Moo 1, Paku Sub-District, after being notified, leading the police to the scene along with coordinating an explosive disposal unit for investigation.

Upon arrival, he found the officers blocking off the area around the Sepak Takraw field inside the mall. because the bombs thrown by the villains have not exploded yet So the recovery team managed to recover successfully. Examined and found to be a pipe bomb type still in ready to use condition. But because the circuit doesn’t work completely So the bomb doesn’t work. The officer then kept it as evidence to check latent fingerprints.

Investigate before the incident, know that while the officers are carrying out their normal duties within the center and some are kicking the sepak takraw on the field It appears that a criminal is entering Ban Padae Palas Community School illegally. which is close to the base Before throwing a bomb into the center hoping to hurt the officer But luckily the bomb didn’t work. So no one was injured. Which officials believe is the work of the rebels to create the situation

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