Bone density increased by 1.7! Resistance coaching to avoid osteoporosis, physical exercises with the best CP price to create excellent muscle mass toughness ︱ Physical conditioning instructor Xu Dongying[Iechyd Bore Da]

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:00 Bone density amplified 1.7!Resistance training to reduce osteoporosis, exercise routines with the optimum CP benefit to acquire fantastic muscle mass power ︱ Actual physical exercise instructor Xu Dongying

:34 3 vital details to improve muscle and lower body fat and reduce osteoporosis

3:24 Significant CP worth 3 steps do well and your overall body will not be damaged

6:53 Can everyday labor swap exercising?

8:16 A functional case: an 85-year-aged guy standing up very easily

11:22 Action Demonstration: Squat

14:01 Motion demonstration: drive down

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