Bong-Ju Lee, who ran over a rare disease… ‘A marathon of emotion’ with 195 people


He is the symbol of our marathon. Bong-Ju Lee, a skater today (28th), conveyed an impression with a meaningful run. It was hard to see him on the track while fighting the disease since last year, but today he ran with the fans. “It was like the day I was born again,” he said.

Reporter Onnuri brought it.


Lee Bong-ju, who started running without anyone’s help, ran slowly along the track with his back bent, unlike in his prime, but his expression was bright.

The twin sons of Chun-ae Lim, the three-time Asian Games track and field champion, ran side by side, and on the last lap, they even walked with help for a while…

In the midst of loud cheers, I ran again and crossed the finish line.

[이봉주/전 마라톤 국가대표 : 오늘은 저 이봉주가 다시 태어나는 그런 날이 아닌가 싶습니다.]

Bong-Ju Lee is the star of our marathon, who completed forty-one full courses, winning a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and a gold medal at the Asian Games twice.

However, in January of last year, after suffering from dystonia, he underwent surgery and has not been able to recover from his former condition.

Today, 195 pacemakers ran 40km and ran the remaining 2.195km to complete the marathon, but due to condition, they only ran 1.2km and thanked the people who joined them.

[이봉주/전 마라톤 국가대표 : 내년에는 제가 여러분의 페이스메이커가 되어 드리겠습니다.]

[김원식/전 마라톤 국가대표 : 마라톤의 데드포인트라 하는, 인생의 이 고비를 잘 마라톤처럼 이겨내서 끝까지 완주할 수 있도록 이봉주 선수와 함께하도록 하겠습니다.]

With earnest support, Bong-Ju Lee promised to recover and run again with the fans.

(Intern Reporter: Oh Se-woon)


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