Bonghwa-gun, 2023 Implementation of the National Vaccination Project and Selective Vaccination Assistance

(Daegu Gyeongbuk Daily News = Reporter Yang Seung-mi) = Bonghwa-gun Public Health Center announced that it is implementing the 2023 national vaccination project and selective vaccination support from January 1st.

The 2023 national vaccination and selective vaccination support projects include mandatory childhood vaccination and vaccination against hepatitis B, HPV, pneumococcal, and shingles. In particular, from this year, a rotavirus vaccine has been added to the list of compulsory vaccinations for children, increasing the number from 17 to 18, HPV vaccination and counseling support has been expanded, and the criteria eligibility for shingles vaccination has been reduced to live. within the jurisdiction for at least one year Changed.

The targets for each support project are children under 12 for essential childhood vaccination, adolescent girls aged 12 to 17 and low-income women aged 18 to 26 for HPV vaccination, and seniors aged 65 or over on for pneumococcal and shingles.

An official from the Bonghwa-gun Public Health Center said, “We are making efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the community by improving the overall vaccination rate for mandatory vaccinations and the vaccination rate for high-risk groups this year compared to the previous year.”

On the other hand, national vaccination is implemented nationally in order to increase the vaccination rate to a level higher than the level of elimination of infectious diseases subject to vaccination by the state which bears the cost of vaccination for the prevention of infectious diseases in effective.