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“Boomerang X Boomerang X” opens endless challenge mode, new map “Blood Garden” opens-Technology

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The world-renowned independent game publisher Devolver Digital announced today that the “First Person Boomeranger (FPB)” game “Boomerang X (Boomerang X)” produced by the development team DANG! A major revision, opening a new play mode “Endless Run Mode” and a mysterious map “RED GARDEN”, ​​players will face stronger enemies and a new game experience.

Boomerang X | Endless Update Live on PC

In the “Endless Jet” mode, players can get many changes to different items, such as changes in the amount of shields and other enhancements you choose, and you can even customize the items you want to change. Depending on the selected bonus conditions, it will bring challenges of varying degrees of difficulty, which may make your game as difficult as flying, or it may be just a piece of cake.

In addition to the new mode and the online map, the game supports online leaderboards, and you will be able to see the technical ratings of yourself and your friends. In the “Endless Jet” mode, many new achievements have also been added for players to solve one by one. It’s time to throw yourself into the air and have a reckless but refreshing jet!

To learn more about the innovations and secrets of Boomerang X, you can follow the game official website, Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) and the development team DANG! (@videodang) twitter. The game is available for purchase and download on PC and Switch platforms. Steam is priced at NT$378, and Switch is priced at about NT$560 (US$19.99).


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